Black Family’s $3.5 Million Mansion Firebombed In Predominately White Manhattan Beach Neighborhood

A Black family from Los Angeles living a $3.5 million Manhattan Beach neighborhood is claiming that their house was firebombed due to their race. The family says that the neighborhood is predominately white, and their “gut” is telling them the attack was “racially motivated.”

The Daily Mail report that Ronald and Melissa Clinton were the victims of an arson attack on their home. Ronald, a pharmacist, and Melissa, a corporate lawyer, say the incident occurred at 2:30 A.M., when a gasoline-filled tire was set on fire which blew out the front of their house. The fire and explosion caused over $200,000 worth of damage to the family’s mansion. The Clintons say they have no enemies, and the only reason they think they were targeted was because of their race as the Manhattan Beach neighborhood is predominately white.

Ronald and Melissa live in the Manhattan Beach home with their three children and dog. Ronald says he woke to the sound of two explosions and quickly evacuated his children and dog from the home. Melissa was away on a business trip when the incident occurred. Once his children were safe, Ronald says he used a fire hose in an attempt to tame the flames until the fire department could arrive. Despite his efforts, the home sustained over $200,000 worth of damage.

The fire department says that the incident was definitely arson and are investigating the case. However, the Clinton family says they have considered moving following the frightening ordeal. The family says that the crime was almost certainly a hate crime, and they no longer feel safe.

In an interview with Fox News, Ronald says the family doesn’t have proof that the fire was set due to race, but his “gut” is telling him it is a hate crime.

“I don’t have proof, I don’t have any type of motive, but I do have a gut. And I tell you, my gut tells me this was racially motivated. We have no enemies. Why us?”

Though the family’s first reaction was “maybe we got to move,” the turnout in support of the family following the incident is leaving them with some hope.

“It was just amazing to see the turnout.”

Police vow to catch whoever is responsible, and the Manhattan Beach Mayor Wayne Powell said, “This is not what our community is about and we’re going to get the person who did this.”