Bobbi Kristina Brown 'Confidant' Daphne Barak Insists She Accused Her Entire Family Of Gold Digging

Bobbi Kristina Brown was reportedly plagued with a number daunting issues in her life. Although several reports have insisted the majority of her problems were the result of domestic violence and the negative influence of her fiancé, Nick Gordon, the 21-year-old's confidant has revealed she had many more concerns.

According to the Daily Mail, Daphne Barak recently shared details about her relationship with Bobbi Kristina over the past 15 months. Although she's still quite young, Barak insists an "emotionally shattered" Bobbi Kristina had been burdened with quite a heavy load since her mother Whitney Houston's death on February 11, 2012.

Barak, an international interviewer and producer, described Bobbi Kristina as a "lost" girl who was in desperate need of family structure since her turbulent lifestyle often left her alienated from her family. Last March, Bobbi Kristina received the first disbursement from the late singer's estate. However, she and Nick weren't exactly pleased with the amount of money she received. Although Barak's account has not been confirmed or denied, Bobbi Kristina's aunt, Pat Houston, also stated that there was an alleged disagreement in reference to the $1.2 million she received.

Page Six reports Pat blamed Nick for the backlash over the disbursement. However, Bobbi Kristina saw things from a different perspective. Barak insists her issue was with the family. She allegedly accused her family of trying to remain in control of her mother's estate based on claims that she was "unstable."

"My family say I'm crazy so they can get hold of my money," Bobbi Kristina allegedly said.

The strained family dynamic reportedly contributed to Bobbi Kristina's dreams and aspirations of creating her own family. Although it's no secret that her relationship with Nick wasn't the best, Barak insists she often felt he was her only hope of building the family structure she so desired. However, an insider insists Nick used her weakness to his advantage in an effort to "turn her against" her family.

"Krissy [Bobbi] and [Marion "Pat" Houston, who is married to Whitney's brother, [Gary] were close at one point, and Pat always looked out for Krissy," the insider said.

Barak agreed Nick wasn't the best influence. She openly discussed how Bobbi Kristina used drugs and alcohol to cope with the devastating loss of her mother. Based on Barak's account, Nick was often an enabler who contributed to Bobbi Kristina's prescription drug usage. Barak recalled a number of times Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon came to visit her and explained they were "sick" from the flu as an excuse for the prescription drugs they'd been taking.

Here's an excerpt from the report of Barak's account.

"Bobbi Kristina herself took prescription drugs. It was all too clear when she and Nick came to visit. She complained they had 'flu', Nick in particular. 'We are very sick. We need a doctor,' Bobbi Kristina insisted. When I said my partner would drive them, she replied: 'No, Nick will go. I am too famous to go.' After visiting the doctor, Nick tried chemist after chemist. Bobbi Kristina stayed with us, chatting happily. She looked healthy.

"When he surfaced with the pills he gave her some - and they ran off to their hotel. We phoned and phoned, but they didn't pick up. Then they called us – three days later. My partner later found a prescription made out to Nick in our Jeep. It was for Oxycodone, a highly addictive and powerful drug used to relieve severe cancer pain."

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon's marital status was questioned earlier this week because many feared he would inherit Whitney Houston's estate in the event her only daughter does not recover. The looming question has reportedly led to a big feud amongst family members since it is still relatively unclear who would inherit the estate, which is estimated to be as high as $100 million.

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[Image via Twitter, Erbil Gunasti]