Spokane Divided After Councilman Mike Fagan, Who Sits On Board Of Health, States His Vaccination Opinions

The Spokane City Council has found itself in the middle of a heated debate after Councilman Mike Fagan publicly announced on Facebook that there are safety and efficacy concerns with vaccination. Fagan sits on the Spokane Board of Health. At a normal study session, members of the Spokane City Council met. They had planned to address Fagan’s Facebook criticism of vaccination, but according to KREM News, “tempers erupted over a vaccination debate which brought the meeting to an anything but normal end,” after Fagan’s supporters were not permitted to speak during the session.

“I don’t think he would have been appointed to the board of health by this city council had we known that he had anti-vaccination and anti-science views on this issue,” Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart, who started Spokane’s Communities in Schools agency, explained to a local reporter.

“I believe that the science of vaccinations is not settled yet,” Fagan, who served as a criminal investigator and contracting officer in the United States Army, said adding that there are studies and pending lawsuits that call vaccine safety and efficacy into question.

The Spokane City Council demanded that Fagan reconsider or clarify his remarks or resign from his position.

“In light of these comments the Council has cause to reconsider your appointment to the Spokane Regional Health District Board. While you have the absolute right to your opinion and to freedom of speech, you do not have an absolute right to represent the Council and the City with your personal views on an appointed board. The Board of Health has a responsibility to ensure the well-being of the community as a whole and use scientific data to support public policy decisions. Stating that vaccinations somehow have risks that cannot be proven, that they do not have proven benefits to the community or that vaccinations are somehow comparable to enforced sterilization is at odds with the mission of the health district you represent and not supported by scientific data.”

Spokane Councilman Fagan refused to resign or back-peddle on his comments. On February 11, Fagan updated his Facebook page.

“Just so the question is answered, there is NO WAY that I will be resigning from the board of health. The council will have to remove me because they do not believe that democracy needs a broad spectrum of ideas and opinions to make it effective. If we were all of the same mind, we wouldn’t need a lot of things like councils, boards, and commissions.”

Fagan continued to post links about vaccine concerns and called for the public to email him with their stories of vaccine damage.

“I have seen enough damaged and dead children (little angels) in the last week tied to this vaccination debate,” Fagan stated Saturday on his Facebook page, which has drawn attention from outside of Spokane, while adding that he has chosen to be a voice for people who say they have or their children been harmed by vaccination.

[Photo via Mike Fagan’s Facebook Page]