UFO Buzzes Russian ‘UFO’ Jet In Paris Air Show Video — What Is Blinding Object Flying Past Su-35?

The Russian Su-35 fighter jet is known as the “UFO” in honor of its incredible maneuverability in the skies while flying at incredible speeds topping 1,500 miles per hour. But a recent video of the UFO plane in action may have yielded an actual UFO sighting — an object flying so fast past the Russian fighter that the jet’s pilot seems to simply miss it.

Or is the whole thing just a photographic illusion of some kind? What is that object that can be clearly seen zooming from left to right across the frame of this video, which is believed to have been taken at the 2013 Paris Air Show. But the UFO flying past the “UFO” was spotted only this week, by UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring.

“Looking at this Paris Airshow footage its easy to miss the UFO in all the awesome shots of these jets, but at 2:47 into the video you will see the UFO move from left to right of the screen,” Waring points out. “It is long and small and thin. This object comes extremely close to the jet, threatening the safety of the craft. The pilot seems oblivious of the UFO, because of its incredible speed.”

Watch the video above to see what Waring is talking about. At the 2:47 mark that he mentions, some sort of object unmistakably buzzes the Russian jet.

Could it be nothing but a bird? If so, this “bird” appears to fly as fast as the deadly Russian fighter jet itself.

Or is the object’s speed also an illusion, created by the depth of field in the camera. If the UFO is actually much closer to the camera than the aircraft, it would have a relatively short distance to traverse, creating the illusion of super-speed.

The Su-35 itself is considered Russia’s most dangerous fighter jet, capable of matching or exceeding any jet in the United States or NATO fleet. The plane’s devastating capabilities have also made it highly desirable for other countries. For example, North Korea has recently approached Russia with a proposal to purchase several of the planes late last year.

Armed with Su-35 jets, the North would immediately become a serious threat to invade and conquer South Korea within a week.

While there has not yet been any confirmation as to whether North Korea was able to purchase the jets from Russia or not, China has already reached a deal with the Russians to buy 24 of the so-called UFO jets.