Bobbi Kristina Brown Funeral Arrangements Re-Ignite Old Family Battles

The news about Bobbi Kristina Brown in the wake of her bathtub drowning last week has not been good. Now it seems the tension is getting to both the Brown and Houston sides of her family.

Though her father, Bobby Brown, has said he won’t remove life support, Bobbi Kristina’s family has reportedly begun discussing funeral arrangements as her brain function remains low with no sign of improvement. According to TMZ, the mere discussion of funeral arrangements has the Brown family on edge.

The tension reportedly stems from the 2012 funeral of Bobbi Kristina’s mother, Whitney Houston. The singer drowned in the bathtub of her room at the Beverly Hills Hotel with drugs in her system on February 11, 2012. During Houston’s funeral services, Bobby Brown reportedly stormed out because the Houston family refused to let him sit with Bobbi Kristina.

Perhaps the eerie similarities between Bobbi Kristina’s drowning and Houston’s death have ignited bad memories for the Brown family, as they are insisting they will not stand for a repeat of the treatment they received at Whitney Houston’s funeral.

While it’s possible the Brown family is overreacting, the Houston family has given them reasons to be frustrated. Shortly after Bobbi Kristina was admitted to the hospital, a perimeter was set up around her room and only family members with a passcode were allowed in. The passcode was never given to the Brown family.

A member of the Brown family spoke with TMZ and insisted that Bobby Brown is never a part of the heated exchanges between the two families. In fact, according to the source, Brown immediately shuts down any discussion when he hears about it. It’s not clear if he doesn’t want the families fighting or doesn’t want to discuss the overwhelming possibility that Bobbi Kristina will never emerge from the coma she’s been in since last week.

Both the Houston and the Brown families may have larger concerns soon.

Investigators are still trying to determine how Bobbi Kristina ended up face down in a bathtub of water, and suspicion has fallen on her domestic partner, Nick Gordon. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the friend who discovered Bobbi Kristina’s body and helped revive her claims that he saw Gordon wiping up blood in the Atlanta townhouse they shared. Bobbi Kristina also has undisclosed injuries which sources say still need to be explained, suggesting they are not consistent with an accidental drowning.

Adding to the suspicion around Gordon is the fact that he and Bobbi Kristina may never have legally married. The revelation came from an attorney for Bobby Brown and contradicts numerous social media posts made by Bobbi Kristina.

Being in love is thee BEST feeling in the world as long as it’s with you. ❤️ @nickdgordon

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Investigators say that Bobbi Kristina Brown’s drowning is still being treated as a medical incident.