Shocking Twist In South Africa Axe Murders

A shocking new twist has arisen in the case of the van Breda family, who were brutally murdered with an axe in Stellenbosch, South Africa. It is now alleged the surviving son’s injuries were self-inflicted, and he apparently only called emergency services four hours after the brutal attack.

The Inquisitr recently reported on the horrific axe attack on a family in their luxury home in a high-security golf estate in South Africa. The parents, Martin and Teresa van Breda, and their 22-year-old son, Rudi, were killed. Their 16-year-old daughter, Marli, was left alive, but in a critical state with brain injuries and a severed jugular.

The only person not severely injured or killed was the second son, 20-year-old Henri, and he called emergency services to report the crime.

Recently, the family’s relatives held a memorial service for the van Bredas as until police investigations are complete, it is not possible to hold a funeral service. Henri’s uncle said at the service that they would back Henri all the way as he had been through a terrible experience, and he would receive the full support of the family.

Since then, new information has come to light, however, as the Sunday Times reveals that it was a full four hours before Henri reported the crime. According to Times Live, his sister, Marli, with her severe injuries, was fighting for her life for four hours before receiving any emergency treatment. Investigations have revealed the murders at the De Zalze estate happened at approximately 3 a.m., while Henri only called emergency services at 7:30 a.m.

During the call, the surviving son said his family had been “attacked by a guy with an axe,” and that they were unconscious and bleeding from the head. While he spoke to the emergency service operator, he sounded reasonably calm, but there is some controversy over what sounds like a brief giggle during the recording. Experts, however, have said that this could be just a nervous reaction to the horrific incident. A recording of the call is included below.

On top of this revelation, sources close to the South African police investigation have revealed that the doctor who examined Henri after the murders says that the bruises and scratches on his arms were “self-inflicted.”

According to police, the axe used in the murders was brand-new, and they are trying to track down where it was bought and who the purchaser might have been.

In the meantime, everything appears to hinge on the future testimony of young Marli. According to her uncle, André van Breda, “She is getting better every day, she is moving her eyes to follow instructions.”

Doctors recently requested permission to move Marli from the ICU into a larger ward in the hospital. According to medical staff, Marli is awake and receiving nourishment, but cannot, as yet, speak due to the severe injuries to her jaw and neck. However, News24 is quoting close family sources as saying she is able to answer simple questions like “which year is it” and “who are you.”

Her serious condition and emotional state have prevented police from taking any form of statement so far, but according to sources, once she can speak, an arrest will be made. The South African teenager is under constant police and medical surveillance, and only the police or doctors are currently allowed close to her.

In the meantime a Stellenbosch lawyer, Lorinda van Niekerk, has confirmed to the media that she will be representing Henri.

In further news, 20-year-old Henri is said to have been hospitalized in the Tijger Clinic rehabilitation center last year. The clinic treats a variety of conditions from drug and alcohol addiction to mental problems such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and anxiety disorders. The Sunday Times revealed he had undergone brain scans the year before.

As Marli’s condition continues to improve, police investigations will continue.

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