Angela Simmons Shows Off Her Sultry Side In Tulle Top, Strappy Heels, & Blond Tresses

Angela Simmons shared a new look via her Instagram page on Friday afternoon, and her fans went wild over it. The Growing Up Hip Hop star decided to change up her hair color a bit, and she chose a stunning ensemble to wear as she showed off her new vibe.

The fashion designer wore a unique black tulle top along with a distressed pair of jeans in the five snapshots that she uploaded. In addition, she added gorgeous black strappy heels and was holding a small black handbag in one hand.

Angela posed outside on a balcony, sitting on the arm of a piece of furniture as she struck a series of poses for the photographer.

The 32-year-old beauty tagged the Dhair Boutique brand in her first photo, and her followers know this is the line of hair extensions she helped create and loves to wear. For a while now she has gone with entirely dark-hued tresses. Now, however, she added some lighter honey-blond tones to her ends.

The overall look was stunning, and followers of the Growing Up Hip Hop personality praised how it looked with her gorgeous skin color.

"Keep this hairstyle it fits you," one of Angela's fans commented.

Based on the tags that she incorporated into her caption, the top that Angela wore for this series of photos seemed to be the Love Oh Lou brand's "Laine" blouse. The piece had layers of tulle along with balloon sleeves that draped off of her shoulders. The fabric was sheer enough to show a bit of her skin without being outright revealing.

The hem of the blouse grazed the waistband of her jeans, which hugged her curvy figure. In the first photo, she propped one hand on her hip as the other held her handbag between her legs. Her facial expression in this initial photo was serious and sultry, but subsequent snaps revealed a coquettish grin and a broad smile.

"Very sophisticated," praised one of her fans.

"Beautiful work of art," another fan declared.

Thousands of likes and dozens of comments quickly piled up on this post, and it appeared that Angela's 6.6 million followers loved just about everything about this vibe. The stunning tulle blouse was a hit with many people, as were the heels, and people could hardly contain their enthusiasm for the glamorous ensemble.

"You just cant beat this quality of woman.... You are gorgeous my love," detailed another comment that also had a crown emoji at the end of it.

Angela is always changing up her look, and she has proven that she looks equally amazing in both glamorous and casual ensembles. This mixture of both certainly seemed to suit the fashion designer and reality television star, and her supporters did not hesitate to let her know that.