Sandra Ávila Beltrán: Sexy Drug Cartel ‘Queen’ To Be Freed From Prison

Sandra Ávila Beltrán, the sexy and beautiful Mexican drug cartel queen who captivated the nation seven years ago, will be freed by a Mexican judge, Fox News is reporting.

Dubbed “The Queen of the Pacific,” aka “La Reina del Pacifico,” she first made headlines in 2007, after she was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking and organized crime. Her charges were eventually reduced to possession of illegal firearms and money laundering. A judge had sentenced Sandra Avila Beltran to five years, but now that sentence has been thrown out, and the former “Reina” is to be freed from prison.

Authorities also suspect the dark-haired beauty of being an important link between two prominent Latin cartels: the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel and the Colombian Norte del Valle Cartel.

The buxom Beltran had always denied the accusations and says that she was only a housewife who happened to be “born rich,” according to Telesurf-TV. Sandra Avila Beltran came to the attention of police after her son was kidnapped by the cartel. By the time her son was found alive, Beltran had already piqued the authorities’ interest, and they began investigating her direct connection to Mexico and Colombia’s underground drug world.

After her arrest, the Baja California, Mexico native continued to make news headlines. In 2009, Sandra Avila Beltran was interviewed by Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes, and in 2012, she was extradited to the U.S. to face charges for drug trafficking and possession of cocaine. In 2013, the Inquisitr reported that she pleaded guilty to drug charges in a Miami courtroom. After the Florida case was resolved, Sandra Avila Beltran was transported back to Mexico City to face money laundering charges.

The case fascinated the world as photos captured the arrest and were plastered all over newspapers and magazines. As news of the bouncy-haired, voluptuously built woman’s arrest made headlines, Sandra Avila Beltran was painted as a dangerous but beautiful woman who had an obsession with staying gorgeous and living a lavish lifestyle.

An old New York Times article describes her arrest this way.

“More than 30 Mexican federal agents swarmed into a diner where she was having coffee and arrested her. She coolly asked the agents to let her freshen her makeup before the police filmed her transfer to jail. On the videotape, she tosses her hair and smiles for the camera, strutting in tight jeans and spiked heels, on the arm of an agent.”

Once known as Mexico’s highest ranking woman in the drug cartel, she can be seen in the video below. Meanwhile, word on the street is Sandra Avila Beltran is now living in the city of Guadalajara.

[Photo Credit: YouTube]