Terrifying Dash Cam Video Catches Crash, Woman In Lie

A dash cam crash video that hit the front page of reddit on Saturday night will probably send you off to your local electronics store to buy one ASAP.

That’s not because of how cool the video is per se, but because of its usefulness in catching a motorist in a lie about who was at-fault.

It seems the original poster of the video was accused of running a red light, and the cop was starting to side with the other motorist until he saw the dash cam crash video for himself.

I encourage you to pause for a moment and give this thing a look before going further. It’s only about 49 seconds, so it won’t take up that much of your life. Plus, thrill seekers, it’ll give you the adrenaline rush of being in an accident without actually having to contact your insurance company.

Here’s a look.

If you watched the dash cam crash video closely, you probably noticed that the light had already turned yellow before the OP went under it.

Even if the light was red by the time he was in the intersection, there is a one to two second delay before the adjacent light turns, so the woman coming from the other direction was clearly at fault.

Updates posted to reddit attest that the cop saw it that way as well. More from the OP.

“Accident happened yesterday. The front bumper received most of the damage and the hood and headlights had some scratches. Her van kept spinning for around 150 feet you could hear it in the video. She stopped spining [sic] right in front of the school police station. I’m taking it to a body shop tomorrow to check for frame damage. Hopefully it’s not a total loss…. She tried to tell the police officer I ran the red light. He was taking her side until I showed him the video.”

The post turned out to be the best free advertising that dash cam manufacturers could ever receive. Of the comment that the officer was taking the other motorist’s side, one commenter had this to say.

“I was thinking of a situation like this a while ago. 100% getting a dash cam now.”

Others offered tips for how to do just that on a budget.

“DO IT without hesitation. saved my a** plenty of times.You can get a good enough 720p cam on ebay for $30 and it is TINY. $15 will net you a 32gb SD card and you’re good to go. Most of my cars have 2 front and back facing. ALSO keep the camera going and turn on the cam in your phone. and immediately see if they are ok and ask what happened. Sometimes they are unusually ‘honest’ in the moment before their mind clears to what happened and the consequences. This saved my butt when some kids wrecked my cherry 89 tin top trifecta tracker…. Video fixed them real fast.”

So did the dash cam crash video make you want to rush out and add one of these little items to your car?