Katy Perry Promoted ‘Homosexual Agenda’ In Halftime Show, Says Right-Wing Pundit

The Super Bowl XLIX halftime show last Sunday starring Katy Perry received generally positive reviews from pundits around the country, but it turns out that one well known conservative voice wasn’t so thrilled with the Perry performance. Linda Harvey, known for her outspoken views against the homosexual community, let her dislike for the Katy Perry halftime show be known this week in a column for Barbwire.com.

In particular, Harvey appears to have a strong dislike for Perry’s hit song, “I Kissed A Girl.”

“This 2008 song is a prime expose of the lies embedded in the homosexual agenda. Not that Perry leads that effort. Just like her flirtation with Satan, she’s merely joining and providing theme music for a movement that long pre-dates her.”

Perry’s songs violate Harvey’s spiritual and political beliefs in a big way, and she’s not shy in explaining exactly why that is. Harvey is the President and founder of a group called Mission America. The group’s website claims that the organization covers the latest social trends in America and what these trends might mean for Christians. The website goes on to talk about how Christianity is the only thing that can save an America that is “gravely ill.” According to Harvey’s column on Barbwire, Katy Perry’s song promote the “homosexual agenda.”

Let’s hope that nobody breaks the news to Harvey that Katy Perry is the world’s most followed Twitter user (64.8 million followers and growing), because that concern she has for Perry promoting an agenda is going to turn into outright terror. For comparison’s sake, Harvey currently has 570 followers on Twitter.

Harvey appears to take Perry’s song quite literal, as she goes on to write about how the lyrics in “I Kissed A Girl” prove her point that people can be turned gay. Harvey has been clear over the years that she doesn’t believe people are born homosexual, a theme that has been explored by one of Katy’s fellow pop stars, Lady Gaga, in the hit song “Born This Way.” In Harvey’s opinion, the song by Perry proves that people are not born homosexual.

“Well, Katy did us a favor, actually, by illustrating that yes, indeed, people who don’t claim to be ‘born that way’ will be experimenting and some will stick with the new preferences they develop. And if that seems like a big ‘so what?’ consider the opposite scenario.”

Besides this outcry from the far-right, the halftime show by Perry did receive praise from many critics. USA Today wrote, “Perry blew away the Super Bowl halftime show.” Even more impressively, Katy’s show received these positive reviews even while the now infamous left shark background dancer struggled with the choreography of the show.

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