Blueland Has Used Its 'Shark Tank' Fame To Push For A Much Bigger Goal -- Environmental Justice

Blueland did more than just score a major sponsorship deal after appearing on the hit ABC show Shark Tank.

The personal care and household cleaning product company was featured on the season premiere of the reality television show's 11th season, premiering last September and leading to a major investment from "Mr. Wonderful" Kevin O'Leary. As the company noted in a press release shared on Business Wire, O'Leary reached an agreement for $270,000 in exhcnage for a 3 percent equity share and $0.50 royalty for each Clean Essentials Kit sold, which Blueland Co-founder and CEO Sarah Paiji Yoo said was the deal of a lifetime.

"I've watched ABC's Shark Tank for years and it's always been my dream to go into the Tank," she said. "I knew we had a product that checked all the boxes - sustainable, effective and affordable. We came in looking for help from a Shark to expand into retail, and we are beyond thrilled to be working with Kevin O'Leary. His experience in retail is exactly what we need to take this brand to the next level and expand."

O'Leary said he was impressed with the company's ability to build in-demand products with a focus on sustainability, a mission that has gotten a major boost since the fame -- and the funding -- that Shark Tank brought. Since appearing last year, Blueland has seen a rush of attention -- thanks in part to a shout-out from Kim Kardashian -- and established a growing social media following that the company is using to promote a sustainable future for an industry that has been criticized for its pollution and wasteful packaging.

There has been plenty of attention since the episode aired. In an appearance on Trade Talk, Yoo described how the company re-imagined the need for new bottles each time, creating a more durable bottle that can be refilled using tablets. The products have gotten some rave reviews from customers, who noted the ease of creating the refills and the elimination of waste when the cleaning solution runs out.

The push for sustainability goes beyond Blueland's own products to include a push for larger environmental efforts. The company celebrated on Twitter earlier this month when plans for the controversial Atlantic Coast Pipeline were canceled, a project that had been criticized by environmental groups.

"BIG victories to celebrate this week! An encouraging outcome for Indigenous communities happened on Sunday when construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was canceled," the company shared on Twitter. "Congratulations & thank you to those on the frontlines of these movements for water & environmental justice."