Red Bull Events Energize Fans

Red Bull is a well known energy drink. Love it or hate it, the thought of it is almost enough to make people feel the rush.

Although Red Bull is famous for giving people energy, the company is also a master of offering its fans the opportunity to expend it. In the next few months, alone, there are three heart-racing events scheduled to get people on their feet and partying.

Technically, the Red Bull Thre3style competition started on January 29, just after the Winner’s Tour, but it is still in full swing, and will be until May.

The Red Bull Thre3style competition is a series of shows where DJs battle in order to become World Champion. In 2014 there were no U.S. dates scheduled, but it’s back this year. Competing DJs have 15 minutes onstage and they are judged on technical ability and crowd reaction. The five criteria are: skill, originality, creativity, stage presence, and audience response.

“Obviously you want to get the crowd engaged as much as you can, but it’s not a popularity contest,” The 2011 U.S. Champion, Big Once, explained.

Four Color Zack, the 2012 World Champion, expanded on the statement.

“The competition is a party at its core, so of course we love seeing the crowd fall in love with the DJ. With that said, crowd participation is only one part of the judging criteria.”

After the club-like atmosphere of Thre3style, Red Bull brings their activities to the skies. The 2015 opener of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship will begin in Abu Dhabi during the weekend of Valentine’s Day.

The defending champion, British pilot Nigel Lamb, will be competing against many others as they fly through obstacle courses over several different cities.

Abu Dhabi, the first stop in the tour, created an arena just for Red Bull Air Race use. From there, Red Bull takes their pilots to places like Russia, Japan, Hungary, London, Austria, Texas and Las Vegas.

March takes Red Bull out of the skies and back into the partying scene for their third annual Red Bull Guest House. Happening in Miami, the Red Bull Guest house features many musical performances, great food and documentary films including several interviews.

Among the performances, Red Bull promises fans a big surprise. The company posted a notice about it on February 4.

“…On March 26 – 29, at South Beach’s Sagamore, The Art Hotel, Guest House will present seven music showcases curated by Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment, HARD, Guy Gerber’s RUMORS, Ladyfag and Seva Granik’s SHADE: MELTDOWN, Seth Troxler’s Big Tittie Surprise, Kygo and Thomas Jack’s Tropical, and one more (it’s a surprise).

“Like last year, Red Bull Music Academy Radio will be on location broadcasting live interviews, DJ sets and more, and the Traktor Cookery School will serve food prepared by DJs. Unlike last year, there will be a film component, as International Music Summit (IMS) will offer screenings of documentary films.

“Last year’s curators included Mad Decent and OWSLA. Among the performers were Skrillex, Diplo and Giorgio Moroder. Any guesses on who will perform this year? Nicki Minaj? Deadmau5? Details coming soon…”