Monroeville Mall Shooting Leaves 3 Injured [Breaking]

Three people were shot while shopping at Monroeville Mall in Pennsylvania on Saturday night.

Police responded to gunshots at Monroeville Mall at approximately 8:30 p.m. The shooting occurred just outside Macy’s near the Mister Rogers Neighborhood play area.

Due to the volume of innocents in the building, several various police departments arrived at the location. Among them were the Monroeville, Allegheny County, Port Authority and Munhall police departments, but there were others.

The three victims, two men and one woman, were transported from the mall to Forbes Hospital; two of them are currently in critical condition. Their names have not been released to the media.

Both the Monroeville Mall and Forbes Hospital ER are in lockdown while officers attempt to ensure that the correct suspect has been captured. They do have someone in custody, according to the Post-Gazette, but they are unsure of the depth of that person’s involvement.

There is a possibility that the shooting is connected to a gang dispute according to KDKA. If that is the case, it’s almost certain that there were multiple shooters involved.

Jesse Miller, a spokesman for Forbes Hospital, told the New York Daily News that officials are concerned that one of the victims may also be involved in the Monroeville Mall shooting.

Shortly after the shots were fired, mall security – eventually joined by police – began going store to store in order to evacuate people.

“All of the sudden we heard people screaming,” said Athena Coffey, a consumer at the mall during the incident. “And the next thing you see is a bunch of people, teenagers, scared to death, just exodus en masse in a way you could not believe. I grabbed my children, husband, we started screaming ‘go, go, go!'”

“There was another little boy, he was like, ‘I can’t find my mommy, I can’t find my mommy,’ I grabbed him too,” Coffey continued.

Terrelle Pryor, the former Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders quarterback, was in the Monroeville Mall when the shooting occurred.

“They are letting guns go in there,” Pryor said. He added later, “My main goal was to get to the food court and get the kids out safely!”

Monroeville is the same mall that was forced to temporarily close in December when a large fight broke out the day after Christmas. Approximately 1,000 teenagers were involved in that social media spurred brawl.