Love Daryl Dixon? Here Are Twelve Times You Should've Been Following Norman Reedus On Instagram

Daryl Dixon is a Walking Dead fan favorite, without a doubt, and actor Norman Reedus is as well loved as the character he plays. If you're one of many who love Norman and Daryl, perhaps you already know he's an animal lover and photography buff, with an artistic bent. You may have seen t-shirts he's designed for charity. If you haven't been following him on social media, though, you may have missed some things.

Norman Reedus has created a book of his own photography for sale, as well as a book of fan art. In addition to the shirts Norman designed himself, and sold for charities, he's auctioning the "Bite Me" shirt he wore on an Entertainment Weekly cover. The proceeds from that go to Reedus' favorite charity, OxFam International, which addresses poverty and injustice issues.

Norman's artistic bent, though, extends to his social media pages, and makes his Instagram a fantastic place to be. Of course, his occasional shirtless selfies don't hurt, either.

Without further ado, here are ten of the best times you should have been following Norman Reedus' Instagram account.

1. The time he shared a fan photo of the best kids' Halloween costumes ever.

2. The time Norman got creative with his snowmen.3. I mentioned that Reedus sometimes shares topless pics, right? Here are a couple of those.4. And then there was Norman's pajamas-and-pizza photo. Yes, he calls it a onesie!5. Reedus' love of animals really comes out in his photos. Who else on Instagram has photos of himself sitting on a pile of body parts, holding a gun in one hand and cuddling a puppy in the other?6. In fact, Reedus pretty frequently shares photos of himself cuddling pooches.
7. He shares a lot of shots of his cat, too.8. Sometimes Reedus shares behind-the-scenes shots of himself and other members of the Walking Dead cast, goofing around with the props.9. Speaking of other Walking Dead cast members, Reedus likes to pick on Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes). There was the time he edited a photo to look like Lincoln's pants were down (they're not, check the gunbelt.)10. And the time Norman Reedus put Andrew Lincoln's beard hair in a baggie in his fridge.11. A lot of people post their meals on social media, but nobody shares their breakfast quite like Norman.12. If you keep an eye on his Instagram, Norman will thoroughly entertain you with his own figurines. This is that time Daryl Dixon met Batman. At other times, Norman and his Daryl POP figure have bet on football games (no, Norman and Daryl don't have the same favorite team) and the Walking Dead actor has set up numerous tableaux with his dolls, figurines, and collectibles.
Okay, Norman Reedus' Instagram is awesome on a regular basis -- and he'll return to being awesome on The Walking Dead Sunday night.

[Photo Credits: AbbyArcane, Lena Dunham, Norman Reedus Instagram]