'Street Fighter V': Is Square Enix Doing Something With Capcom's Next Fighting Game? [Video]

When Capcom announced Street Fighter V, fighting game fans around the world rejoiced, especially due to the fact they waited seven years for a proper sequel to Street Fighter IV. The Inquisitr has kept up with the latest news pertaining to the next installment in the main canon of the Street Fighter series, which actually includes the game's debut announcement. With its debut trailer, certain details, such as characters and gameplay, were hinted while the more concrete announcement of the game not coming to Xbox One was verified. Following up on the latter, a Xbox head came forward stating it was a "business decision" why Street Fighter V will not be on their current-generation system.

Now, there is breaking news on Street Fighter V again, though Capcom may not have wanted it to be shown. The prominent video game company showed off the game at a convention recently, but what stood out was a peculiarity pointing to the possibility that Square Enix may be doing something alongside Capcom with it.

According to an article by Event Hubs, Capcom was one of the guests to be featured at the Taipei Game Show in Taiwan. During one of their panels, the producer for Street Fighter V, Yoshinori Ono, talked about utilizing community feedback for the game's roster since he wants to keep it small to maintain low developer costs. Ono even talked about the confirmed characters for the game, in which Charlie Nash was recently announced. However, what caught the attention of some in attendance was the screenshot of the game's logo in the background, as shown below.

Street Fighter V Logo
Do you notice something peculiar about the "Street Fighter V" logo used during Capcom's panel?

People noticed that along the bottom of the screenshot, it reads, "© 2013 SQUARE ENIX All Rights Reserved." What does Square Enix have to do with Street Fighter V? To be fair, the logo may be art that wasn't used when Capcom and Square Enix collaborated together on their free-to-play Playstation Vita games, Dragon's Dogma Quest and Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur. If that is the case, Capcom has yet to comment one way or another. However, when Yoshinori Ono was asked about the text, the answer he gave added more fuel to the rumor and speculation fire. Please note that Ono's statement below is through a translator who spoke in broken English.

"The picture have been shown in western, but it is the first time people spotted it and asked him about it. He cannot confirm or reveal anything about it for now."
Because of the answer Yoshiniro Ono has given, hardcore fans are in full speculation mode. Maximilian Dood provided one possibility in which the dark night sky setting with silhouettes of a castle, cemetery stones, and crosses suggests a link to Capcom's Darkstalkers Series. Maximilian does provide more insight than just the aforementioned speculation in his latest video.

To all of you Capcom fans, especially those of the Street Fighter series, what are your views pertaining to this peculiar news? Are you hoping Capcom and Square Enix are working together on Street Fighter V or for another upcoming game that has yet to be announced?

[Featured Image via Jan Omega: Sources via Bing, Post Image via Maximilian Dood]