Dwight Brown: Man Allegedly Kills Own Mother After She Cooks Him Dinner

Dwight Brown, 40, allegedly beat his own mother and hacked her to death with a knife after she had invited him over for a visit and prepared him dinner.

Brown’s mother, 60-year-old Linda Sanders, was discovered by her husband at 8:45 a.m. on the morning of their 24th wedding anniversary. She was lying dead in a pool of her own blood in the hallway of her Chicago home.

Sanders’ husband had left their home at around 5 the previous evening to go to work. As he left, he saw Sanders’s son, Dwight Brown, who said he was there in order to visit his mother. When the husband called Sanders later, after getting to work, Sanders told her husband that she was preparing dinner for her son and that afterward, he would leave.

But after Sanders finished cooking for her son, something went terribly wrong.

Sanders answered no further phone calls from her husband that night, and when he got home from work that morning, he found his wife, with her face “battered beyond recognition,” dead in their home.

The autopsy report released on Tuesday says that Sanders died of multiple injuries, from both blunt forces and sharp forces. According to prosecutors, authorities have described her facial injuries as being created by “hacking” with a heavy object, prosecutors said. The woman had also been stabbed in the head.

Sanders’ husband informed police that Dwight Brown had been the last person to see Sanders alive.

Police quickly went to the apartment of Dwight Brown. The man had made no apparent effort to clean himself after hacking his mother to death. He was found in his bed, although awake, still wearing blood-soaked clothing. Next to him in bed lay a bloody knife.

Prosecutors say that police found Sanders’ house keys and car keys in Dwight Brown’s coat pocket. In the pocket of his still blood-soaked pants, police found the $160 in cash that his mother had saved for an anniversary celebration with her husband.

Chicago Transportation Authority surveillance video also shows Brown boarding and exiting trains at times consistent with the murder of his mother, according to prosecutors.

Dwight Brown was arrested and charged with both the first-degree murder of his own mother as well as armed robbery for the attack, which happened on Sunday night. On Wednesday, a judge denied bail for Dwight Brown.

No motive has yet to be discovered.

On New Year’s Eve, another man attacked his own mother, decapitating her with an ax, because he was upset that she had been “nagging” him. For more on that, click here.

[Image via CBS News]