PS Vita, PS3 And PS4 Getting 'Q*Bert Rebooted'

The PS Vita was once considered to be on its last legs. With the announcement that a brand new Q*Bert Rebooted is coming to the PS Vita, as well as the PS3 and the PS4, it seems as though the handheld isn't dying just yet. The announcement that this game is being revived by Sony and especially made for the PS Vita, as well as its consoles, is just another in a long line of long popular games that will now be entirely portable.

It seems as if the PS Vita has actually found itself a bit of a firm footing when it comes to games that are best on mobile platforms but also need a joystick to bring the most fun. The PS Vita's touch screen also allows people to use that mode of playing if they so choose. The combination of the two mediums was once considered to be the crowning jewel of the PS Vita, but the anticipated popularity never really followed.

The arcade classic Q*Bert game coming to the handheld should help drive up interest in the gaming device quite nicely. As the Sixth Axis points out, the game was first released in the arcades 35 years ago. Despite the fact that the game has not been played by an entire generation of gamers, the move might also serve to make the PS Vita that much more popular for older players. Perhaps the best news of all is that people won't have to wait long for this game, which will be a cross buy title. Q*Bert Rebooted will be hitting the PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 on February 18.

According to Playstation Lifestyle, LOOT Entertainment, along with Gonzo Games, Sideline Amusements and Games Production Company have all teamed up in order to bring the game to a entirely new generation of gamers. Jason Sorensen of LOOT detailed a number of ways in which Q*Bert Rebooted has been modernized and brought back to life.

"Instead of cubes, Q*Bert Rebooted features hexagons. That may not sound like a game-changer, but it is. Suddenly, you get some really interesting level designs, especially later in the game. In addition, there are new features, such as time and score challenges, new enemies with their own unique behaviors, new playable characters, power-ups, traps, and gem-collecting. Q*Bert Rebooted is the equivalent of your old backyard treehouse refurbished by Bob Vila: same nostalgic joy, but magically just better."

PS Vita users are likely chomping at the bit to see if the game was made better with the modern touch, or ruined.