Chris Brown Hassled By Police, But Who Is The Anonymous Tipster?

Chris Brown can never seem to catch a break. Just weeks after his probation was revoked following a nightclub shooting, the R&B singer has been targeted by police in Los Angeles. The Daily Mail reports that the “Loyal” singer was hassled by LAPD officers while his Lamborghini was parked outside the Sayer nightclub. The police searched the vehicle on a reportedly anonymous tip that a passenger in the car was carrying a firearm.

The passenger believed to be in possession of the firearm was detained, but no gun was found in Brown’s vehicle. It’s reportedly not known if Brown and his friends stayed at the club — for a pre-award-show party — after the embarrassing ordeal.

This situation stems from the revocation of his probation, which was triggered after he and Karrueche Tran reportedly fled from the state of California after a shooting during one of his performances. The terms of his probation and the revocation of it require that Chris Brown not be in the possession of a firearm. That apparently includes firearms possessed by other persons in his vehicle. Since no firearms were found during the search, it’s probably safe to say that no violations took place. However, this car search indicates that Brown is being closely watched in case he messes up prior to his upcoming March 20 court date.

There is no indication of who the anonymous tipster was who called police on Brown and his passenger(s), but logically it seems that the tipster is someone known to Brown and his crew — i.e., someone who knew that Brown would have this passenger in his car and that they’d be at the nightclub where his car ended up being searched.

Chris Brown’s problems began in 2008 when he brutally assaulted his former girlfriend, R&B singer Rihanna. The assault left Rihanna battered, bloody, and nearly unrecognizable, and it also left Chris’s life and future in limbo. The Associated Press reported in 2009 that the singer reached a plea deal in the assault case, which put him on probation for several years. It’s that very same probation that was revoked a handful of weeks ago.

Now that this probation has been revoked, his future is uncertain. When he faces a judge on March 20, he will either be given prison time for violating his probation too many times or he may be given another chance. The latter is something that Brown and his legal team are hoping for, which is why he delayed his tour to wrap up his community service.

[Photo credit: Urban Islandz]