'Battlefield Hardline' Easter Eggs Include 'Star Wars' References, Cops Love Of Donuts

As the Battlefield Hardline beta runs through this week for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, plus the PC, players have found a number of fun Easter Eggs in the game. Those found so far include some unique and rare reload animations as well as cops getting excited about donuts.

The reload animations found so far have been for the Desert Eagle, RPG,.410 Jury, R0993, and AKM weapons. The chance of actually seeing the reload animations is remotely small. In the following video from the Battlefield Hardline team, Animation Director Tony Gialdini stated that it is a one in 10,000 chance to encounter one of the reload Easter Eggs and each weapon in the game has one.

It shouldn't be surprising that some were discovered so quickly with millions of players participating in the Battlefield Hardline open beta. They range from Star Wars nods to a mysterious helping hand when reloading. YouTube user Dobanat3r compiled all the ones discovered so far into a single video.

Reload animations aren't the only Easter Egg in Battlefield Hardline discovered so far. A game that features cops versus robbers couldn't pass up a donut reference, right? Gametastik shared this amusing bit of various cop voices excited about a box of the tasty confectionery. This does come with a language warning, however.

The Battlefield Hardline beta is currently available to all PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC owners. The beta was to end on Sunday, February 8, but developer Visceral Games announced that it has been extended by one more day.

The reaction to Battlefield Hardline has been mixed so far. Some are enjoying the cops versus robbers aesthetics, while others aren't so thrilled about the modes of play or graphics. The beta is running better than Battlefield 4 at launch, but the reaction to the game's release on March 17 is decidedly mixed.

As covered in this article from last week, the beta comes with three different maps and three modes of gameplay. The modes support from 32 to 64 players in the classic Conquest mode. However, every weapon, gadget, piece of armor, and vehicle will be available for players to unlock and play with.

How are you enjoying the Battlefield Hardline beta so far? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via YouTube user Hazard]