Botched Silicone Injection Leads To Death Of Transgender Woman In California

Police officials from Santa Ana have arrested a man in connection with the death of a transgender woman, which according to officials was caused due to a botched silicone injection. According to KTLA, a man identified as Liborio De La Luz Ramos, 44, has been placed under arrest for causing the death of 40-year-old Katya Del La Riva, a transgender woman who sought a silicone implant treatment from him.

According to investigators, an illicit silicone injection was administered to the buttocks of Katya sometime in December, 2014, after she sought a cosmetic implant treatment from Ramos. The silicone implant however was poorly executed and resulted in severe complications to her respiratory system. This resulted in Katya getting herself admitted to the Kaiser Hospital in Irvine where she was under treatment for over three weeks. Her condition worsened at the end of the third week and on January 21, 2015, Katya passed away due to what doctors say is a condition known as a "silicone embolism syndrome." According to officials, the silicone injection to the victim was solely responsible for the complications that ensued and finally resulted in her death.

Robert was later arrested and is now being held on suspicion of voluntary manslaughter, confirms a Santa Ana police official.

After Katya's death, hospital authorities contacted the coroners office as part of a policy, reports WBAL. This was because the victim had sought services of a non-medicine practitioner. The coroner in turn informed police officials about the case after which they took action. Meanwhile, the coroner has described De La Riva's passing as a "death following a cosmetic procedure."

The initial investigation into the case has revealed that Katya had been to a "silicone party" in December, 2014, where she met Ramos. The injection was administered with full consent of Katya. Both Katya and Ramos were alone when the injection was administered to her.

What police officials now worry about is finding out how many other people who have availed of Ramos' silicone services.

"We want to get this individual's picture out there. Detectives believe this individual has been doing this for a while. We believe there are additional victims out there. We want those victims to contact detectives."
This case of a botched silicone implant is one more reminder to the kind of health risks posed by poorly executed silicone implants. If you are a lady contemplating anything of similar nature, a little diligence in choosing the right cosmetic surgeon might just save your life. This is also not the first time that the Inquisitr has reported about failed silicone implants.

[Image Via KTLA ]