American Red Cross Fined $9.6 Million For Bad Blood Management

The American Red Cross has been hit with a $9.6 million fine after federal agents determined that the company was careless with its blood management practices.

While no harm to blood recipients was discovered the feds expressed concern over the agencies often poorly trained staff and bad record keeping.

According to an official involved in the case:

“We cannot definitively say there was never any danger to the blood supply since the violations can create conditions that could lead to potential safety consequences.”

The $9.6 million fine is the second such penalty paid by the agency in the last two years. During their last fine the American Red Cross accused the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for focusing on a 15-month-old inspection in which conditions in Philadelphia according to the Red Cross had already improved.

A Red Cross official tells MSNBC:

“We are disappointed that the FDA believed it necessary to impose a fine for an inspection conducted so long ago.”

The FDA has found various issues involving the American Red Cross including a donor who was sprayed with blood in Peoria, Illinois and failure to notify donor’s who had been given contaminated blood.

Do you believe it was fair for the American Red Cross to impose $9.6 million in fines against the American Red Cross?