Both Parents Diagnosed With Cancer: Mother And Father Of 2 Toddlers Fighting Cancer

It's hard enough when one person in the family is battling cancer, but in this instance, both parents of two children have been diagnosed cancer. The husband and wife are fairly young and are courageously battling their health condition.

13 WMAZ reports that Ben and Shelby Offrink of Lowell, Michigan, are both fighting cancer while raising their two daughters. Maeve is 3-years-old while Hazel is 1-year-old.

Not long after Shelby gave birth to Hazel, she was diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of cancer on her spine -- Stage IV glioblastoma. In the meantime, Ben's Hodgkin's lymphoma returned for the third time.

Family and friends are helping both parents who've been diagnosed with cancer. The couple's siblings have been a tremendous support system for them. Ben has needed the extra help while Shelby continues treatment to extend her life. Things have gotten worse for Shelby since doctors discovered three new tumors on her brain after several months of chemotherapy and radiation.

Ben and Shelby's parents play a crucial role in their lives, always at Shelby's bedside and helping to care for Maeve and Hazel. Shelby's closest friends offer emotional support and have started fundraisers as part of their financial contributions.

It's a blow for any family to have both parents fighting cancer. The Offrinks maintain an uplifting attitude and do their best to get through it all. Ben has had a few setbacks because his first round of therapy wasn't effective. He'll have to go through another session to "eradicate" the cancer before he can get a bone marrow transplant. Two donors are reportedly a perfect match for him.

Shelby will continue to fight her cancer with chemo and radiation.

Shelby used to work as an engineer and Ben stayed at home and raised their daughters. Neither one of them work now and medical bills are reportedly mounting up. Donations for the Offrinks can be made at

A post written recently by friends of the Offrinks thanks supporters and well-wishers.

"We would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming show of love and support for the Offrinks.

"I think we can speak for Ben, Shelby and both of their families and say that everyone has gone above and beyond and totally blown away any expectations previously had."

With both parents diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment, it's a blessing they have such supportive friends and family to lean on.

[Photo Credit: News 13 Screenshot]