#1DTourCancelled Twitter Hashtag Has One Direction Fans Freaking Out, Thinking The Tour Has Been Cancelled

Well, fans of One Direction can rest assured that whoever started the #1DTourCancelled hashtag that's currently trending on Twitter was probably trying to play a cruel joke and promote some kind of coin giveaway.

According to the Twitter scuttlebutt, whoever used the #1DTourCancelled hashtag for a coin giveaway was trying to make fun of One Direction fans, and their followers are tweeting about how the #1DTourCancelled trending hashtag pranked One Direction fans, claiming the 1D peeps didn't know it was fake. The YouTube person who allegedly started this #1DTourCancelled melee has reportedly deleted his tweets and is perhaps delighting in watching the 1D fans freak out.

As such, hashtags like HarryIsPregnantFromLouis and are showing up in the wake of the fake #1DTourCancelled hashtag prank. Fan reaction is coming quickly and furiously over Twitter, especially for those who haven't yet realized it's a bad joke played on 1D fans.

"I just had a mini heart attack "

Meanwhile, articles about the actual One Direction tour are being published -- like this one titled "Liam Payne: One Direction Tour Just Started And He Is Already Complaining" from the Inquisitr -- which note that no sooner had the 1D group landed in Australia for their huge "On the Road Again" tour did Liam Payne being complaining. The tour is indeed massive, with an 80-date schedule that's sure to please One Direction fans around the world, so to experience a cancellation of such a gargantuan tour would indeed be a big disappointment for 1D fans around the globe.

Harry Styles, meanwhile, enjoyed a day out with girlfriend Nadine Leopold, as reported the Daily Mail‎, before he reunited with his bandmates in Sydney, Australia, where the much-awaited One Direction "On the Road Again" tour begins -- without cancellations, fans pray.

As far as real One Direction reports on Twitter, the band has been rehearsing and now they're ready for Sydney, so says the official One Direct account with its 22.4 million followers on Twitter. The account also reports that One Direction's playlist takeover is well underway on Spotify, and says 1D is looking for your suggestions -- so check it out on ! And that tweet ended with a real hashtag, not the kind of #1DTourCancelled hashtag that still is generating tweets from 1D fans wondering what's actually going on with the tour.

*Opens Twitter* *Sees Hashtag* *Gets a heart attack* *opens hashtag* "its not cancelled"

[Image via Ryanseacrest.com]