Valentine's Gifts On A Budget: Pearl Earrings, Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Top The List

Pearl earrings? This gift sounds pricey, but according to the Christian Science Monitor, a pearl jewelry set complete with earrings and a necklace can be had for just about $12. Sparkly Swarovski Elements crystal earrings made their way onto the same list of inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts, as did a black Tahitian pearl pendant for under $100.

Why are pearl earrings such a popular gift? According to the Daily Telegraph, pearls are brimming with historical and cultural significance, making them a girl's "ultimate best friend." They flatter a woman's complexion and go with anything, just like diamonds.

In the event you are searching for a budget-friendly jewelry gift, authentic pearl earrings are likely to cost much less than their diamond counterparts. Even fairly inexpensive ones are available mounted in settings like sterling silver and gold. If you'd like something sparkly, you'll find that Swarovski crystals and lab-created gemstones offer diamond-like sparkle, minus the high price tags typically associated with the real thing.

While Swarovski crystal earrings are typically marked, many pearl items are not. In a recently published guide to choosing pearl earrings and other pearl jewelry, provides tips for selecting saltwater pearls, noting that as sizes reach 8 millimeters in diameter, prices increase. For this reason, some pearl jewelry contains faux gems rather than natural pearls.

In the event that pearl earrings don't quite seem appropriate, there are lots of other jewelry deals to be had this Valentine's Day. Freshwater pearl bracelets and necklaces are popular, as are charm bracelets, gemstone earrings, and even watches.

Not feeling the jewelry vibe? There are plenty of other gift options to consider. Flowers, particularly those purchased online, are a classic gift for Valentine's Day, with retailers offering bargains and including sweet extras like candy, stuffed animals, and premium vases. Roses, tulips, iris, and mixed bouquets are perennial favorites.

Wine is a gift many appreciate, and it's something you can share with your Valentine. Dinner at a favorite hangout is a classic treat, and a simple gift card for a shop your sweetheart enjoys makes a nice, budget-friendly Valentine's Day gift as well.

Gift baskets containing treats like coffee, tea, or cookies make a sweet gift, as do baskets filled with spa essentials like body lotion, handmade soap, and other luxurious but affordable niceties.

In the event you want to go with a classic gift nearly everyone likes, there's always Valentine's candy. In the swirl of Valentine's gift suggestions, one thing is abundantly clear: Whether you go for the sweets, pretty pearl earrings, or something else, your efforts are likely to be appreciated.

[Pearl earrings image courtesy of Avon UK]