Mom Says She Is Willing To Face Charges For Abandoning Her 'Dangerous' Son

Kimberlyn Williams says she feels unsafe in her own home and fears for her other children because of her "dangerous" 12-year-old son – and she is willing to face abandonment charges to keep him out of the house.

Williams' son was taken to Riverside Behavioral Health Center in Hampton, Virginia, last week after she called authorities when she caught him exposing himself to his 4-year-old sister and attempting to take sexual liberties with her.

"When I went in, I found him exposing himself to her and trying to coerce her to touch him," Williams told WTKR.

According to WGN, child protective services told Williams that if she didn't pick her son up on his release date, she could be charged with child abandonment and face jail time.

"I am his mother and I do love him," she said. "But he's dangerous."

So dangerous, in fact, that she is willing to go to jail to protect herself and her other children.

"How do I explain to them, 'stay away from your brother, he's dangerous?'" she said. "I think eventually it would be catastrophic. I think eventually he would do something that is going to seriously harm someone."

"I have been hit, bit, kicked," Williams said. "He has threatened to stab children at school, to kill them. He has these outbursts."

Williams said that the incident with her young daughter was the final straw after years of violent and inappropriate behavior from her son and that she has been unable to get him the help he needs.

"It`s not a case of us not trying to get him help," Williams said. "This is not an isolated incident. It's been a gauntlet of doctors and medications and diagnoses."

If Williams doesn't pick the boy up, child protective services has told her he will be placed in a 24-hour supervision residential facility, which is what Williams has wanted all along – and if it takes her being arrested to do it, she says she is willing to do whatever she has to see that he gets the help that he needs.

"Nobody wants to talk about this," Williams said. "It's something we would certainly consider a private family issue, but along those lines maybe it can help other people."

She continued, "I want something to get done, I don't want it to be you take this one and you risk your other children's health and safety or you go to jail. There has to be a better way."

A recent study featured in this Inquisitr article says that an alarming number of mentally ill teens have easy access to guns. And although the study focused mainly on teen suicide, access to firearms could also lead to a dangerous situation with a mentally unstable and violent teen like Williams' son. Do you think she is right for abandoning her "dangerous" child to get him the help he needs?

[Image via Fox40]