Woman, 9-Year-Old Daughter Found Hanged in Massachusetts, 11-Year-Old Unharmed

A woman and her 9-year-old daughter were found hanged in Massachusetts Friday in the basement of their home. Police officers later discovered what authorities called “written information” that’s being reviewed to see if it can produce any information on what happened and why.

The bodies of Ariana Rosa-Soares, 32, and her daughter, Marley Soares, were found shortly before 10 a.m. in their home in Brockton, about 25 miles south of Boston, after a concerned family friend called police asking for assistance at the house. Ariana Rosa-Soares also had an 11-year-old daughter who was not home at the time the deceased bodies were discovered.

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz said that the father of the girls had been interviewed, and so far, this was not being treated as a case of domestic violence. Cruz didn’t disclose the contents of the written information found at the scene, adding that it was too early in the investigation to comment on whether the deaths were murders or a murder-suicide. He said the situation was tragic and evidence was carefully being collected.

“It’s a terrible situation which we are going to get to the end of when we get all the information together.”

The bodies were sent for autopsies by state police and Brockton officials in order to get a more conclusive idea of what happened in the Soares home and when it occurred.

Jose Rosa, Rosa-Soares’ father, told the Boston Globe that he had been concerned his daughter had a mental illness and that he was doubtful about her ability to be a parent. He said he had sought help from the state Department of Children and Families, but that nothing had been done that he was aware of, according to Yahoo! News. He said his pain is unimaginable.

“I tried to get help… to stop what happened now. I feel dead. I feel mad.”

Although Jose Rosa did not implicate his daughter explicitly, by his comments it is speculated that he feels the death of his daughter and granddaughter could be a murder-suicide at the hands of his daughter. Rosa-Soares had taken her 11-year-old to a friend’s house to stay on Thursday night, who sounded the alarm after nobody came to collect her on Friday, despite Rosa-Soares’ car being outside her house. Rosa said that the family immigrated from the island country of Cape Verde, off the coast of Africa, to the United States about a decade ago. It is unclear how long he had been concerned about his daughter’s mental health or the welfare of his grandchildren.

No one answered the phone at the state agency for the department of Children and Families late Friday afternoon. The voice mailbox for a DCF spokeswoman was full and would not accept messages.

[Image via NBC Bay Area]