Millionaire Matchmaker Wrestles Mixed Martial Arts Maestro: Can UFC Champ Charm Patti Stanger? [Video]

Patti Stanger, star of Millionaire Matchmaker, has become famous for her tell-it-like-it-is style. But when she decided to open the door of her Millionaire Club to a mixed martial arts (MMA) UFC fighter, she didn't anticipate that she'd have to get down and dirty with champ Luke Rockhold, reported the New York Observer.

The UFC middleweight contender is known for his fighting skills. But when it came to convincing Patti, he had to use his words to convince her that he was a lover, not an MMA fighter, when it came to romance.

At 29, Luke insists he is ready to relax into a relationship.

"In my sport you have to be so focused, and you kind of put your blinders on to the outside world," Luke explained to Patti. "I've sacrificed everything, and it's all to be the best in the world."

But persuading Patti that he is being candid isn't easy. She comments on his revelation that he hasn't been in a committed relationship for nine years.

"[Your] balls will come off," warns Patti about the consequences if he fails to meet her standards.

However, Luke looks happy when he discovers that Patti has arranged a wine mixer at which he is introduced to three women personally chosen by Patti. Just one problem: Luke has fallen for the professional mixologist named Kara.

Luke takes Kara on a date, where he succeeds in offending her faster than she can mix a drink. When Kara tells Patti about what happened, she also observes him man-handling one of her other staff members.

Banishment results.

"You may be a world champion in fighting, but I will knock you the f**k out because I'm a world champion in love," says Patti.

How did Luke feel about her style? The UFC fighter wasn't fazed, he told the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

"She is an intense individual to be sure, but I took it lightheartedly — I wasn't fazed," insisted Rockhold. "You have to take the high road with this lady. She has her own issues."

Will he continue to hope for love after having the door to the Millionaire Club literally slammed in his face?

"I'm open to new things and this is a new experience for me," said Luke. "Never shut the door on love."

One option for Luke is to look closer to home, as in the fighting ring of the exceptionally toned Total Divas, as the Inquisitr reported.

Featuring WWE superstars, Total Divas showcases wrestling entertainers such as Alicia Fox in a reality TV-style setting. She emphasized that she's proud of the appeal of women as wrestlers.

What do you think? Should Luke try to court a Total Diva on the court? Post your comments below.

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