‘Scandal’ Star Scott Foley Pranks Kerry Washington, Feuds With William Shatner Amid ‘Star Trek 3’ News [Video]

Scott Foley doesn’t consider it a scandal that he has a sense of humor. After all, that’s the name of the show in which he co-stars with Kerry Washington. He discussed his secret tactics for pranking her on the set of Scandal and his surprising feud with a Star Trek legend on Jimmy Kimmel Live, revealed MStarz.

Although he doesn’t share it during the aired portion of the show, Foley is talented at making flatulence noises, he proudly revealed. Scott claims that Kerry and the rest of the cast are entertained by his unexpected outbreaks of what conventional manners terms impolite.

Because the Scandal plot can become intense, Foley feels that exploding flatulence sounds are the ideal way to cheer up everyone.

And when it comes to his Twitter flame war with Star Trek phenom William Shatner, Scott is equally amused. But how did he and Shatner start their virtual battle?

“We do this live tweet with our fans,” explained Foley, “and a lot of other shows have started doing it as we were one of the first to do it. There’s a show on called ‘Backstrom,’ and they decided to tag me in some of their tweets to bite off some of the ‘Scandal’ tweeters, try to get some people tweeting about their show.”

Annoyed that he had discovered the siphoning impact of the Backstrom tags, Scott hopped into action.

“I sort of dismissed them rudely on Twitter, and then William Shatner who I don’t follow, and who doesn’t follow me, jumped into the mix and called us some very bad names, like ‘bitches.’

“I turned to my wife, and said ‘Babe, I’m getting into a Twitter fight with William Shatner!'”

But Foley quickly backtracked and decided that he would surrender. After all, he reasoned, can anyone really fight with Captain Kirk?

“I thought, ‘Hold on, this is William Shatner. I gotta let this go. He wins regardless.’ It’s now a source of pride for me, like, the fact that William Shatner is attacking me is a fantastic thing. He knows who I am!” boasted Scott.

With Star Trek 3 film rumors growing, fans are hoping that Shatner will appear in the latest version of the sci-fi franchise, according to Cinema Blend.

Add Leonard Nimoy and it would be the first time that Kirk and Spock have appeared together since 1991, even if it’s just a cameo.

Nimoy is flexible when it comes to cameos, although perhaps his most famous one occurred on The Big Bang Theory, as the Inquisitr reported.

When it comes to the most popular episodes of the sitcom, Leonard Nimoy’s Christmas show ranks as number one.

“The [Leonard Nimoy] DNA napkin is such a hugely iconic moment in the show,” admitted executive producer Steve Molaro. “It’s hard to think about topping it.”

What do you think? Would you like to see Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner in Star Trek 3? Should Scott Foley try to get a cameo himself to join the crew? Post your comments below.

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)