'The Voice' Season 8: All Eyes Are On Christina Aguilera In New Promo [Video]

Toni Matthews

If you've missed seeing Christina Aguilera on The Voice, you only have to wait a couple of more weeks to see the blonde diva return.

The Voice heads back to NBC for an astounding eighth season in a few short years. Thus far, the popularity of The Voice with viewers has allowed the show to two have two seasons per year, for better or worse. And The Voice is already hosting auditions for Season 9!

We'll have to wait and see whether or not Christina will be with us for consecutive seasons. For now, we can enjoy a sneak peek at Christina being Christina courtesy of The Voice.

In an extended preview, we see Aguilera and the other judges posing for promo shots. The returning coach opens the preview by telling viewers her philosophy of what music is.

"Music is love that you want to share with other people."

In addition to a returning Christina, Voice veterans Blake Shelton -- whose team was triumphant last season -- and Adam Levine are back. Also back is an older and wiser Pharrell Williams.

But make no mistake: All eyes are on Christina Aguilera, and there's already a ton of speculation for what the pint-sized powerhouse's return will mean for the dynamic of The Voice.

Her Season 7 stand-in, Gwen Stefani, was very popular, to the extent that some wondered if Christina Aguilera's return to The Voice would (and even should) be nixed. That was not to be the case.

Perhaps Christina Aguilera lost the favor of a few audience members who preferred her substitutes, but now the Voice diva can remind everyone why she's an awesome coach.

"Coming back to 'The Voice' by now is almost like coming back home. With every season that I step away, I grow as a person, and that has to affect my coaching."

Some Voice fans, who came along during Christina Aguilera's absence, may think of her as an artist who takes things way too seriously. However, she has her funny side to.

During the extended promo, we get to see Christina Aguilera's impersonation of Pharrell Williams' "swagger," and it is rather funny.

Though one would love to say that Aguilera is back solely for the music and ability to harvest new, unseen talent, it's important to point out that the golden-haired songstress has new music on the way.

Will we see yet another season of The Voice making established stars more famous at the expense of unrecognized talent?

NBC thankfully holds network promos down in #SuperBowl despite slow sales http://t.co/dBKiNGgMPT @xtina @NBCTheVoice pic.twitter.com/PL0w14eXyd

— Ad Age (@adage) February 2, 2015

Eight seasons in and we have yet to see a major superstar from this show. Maybe Christina Aguilera's ear for talent will help bring one to The Voice at long last.

Are you excited that Christina Aguilera is back...or did you prefer Gwen Stefani?

[Image Credit: The Voice YouTube Channel]