Tom Hanks Reunited With ‘Cast Away’ Pal Wilson At Rangers’ Game In Touching Scene [Video]

It was a touching scene indeed as someone threw a volleyball at Tom Hanks at the recent Rangers’ game. Imagine his surprise when he saw Wilson’s face on that ball.

Who can forget Tom Hanks in the 2000 movie Cast Away, where he plays the part of a FedEx employee stranded on a deserted island when his plane crashes into the South Pacific. The popular movie depicted his attempts to survive on the island, using what was left of his plane’s cargo.

One piece of that cargo was a FedEx package containing a volleyball which Hanks ends up befriending, after giving the ball a face, and rather appropriately due to its manufacturer, naming it Wilson.

Wilson was his only companion through thick and thin on the island, and Hanks suffered through several moments where he nearly lost his friend but got him back. Sadly, Wilson floated away from him as he escaped from the island on a raft. Hanks’ impassioned screams of “Wilson” reverberated through many film viewers’ memories for some time after that.

Fast forward 15 years and Tom was at Wednesday’s hockey game at the Madison Square Garden, cheering on for the Rangers with everyone else in the crowd.

A camera managed to find the famous actor among the sea of faces and got Hanks to wave for the camera.

At first, Hanks looked a tad uncomfortable to have been spotted, but then someone threw a volleyball at him, which he deftly caught. However, it turned this was not just any old volleyball.

Turning the ball in his hands, we see Hanks’ surprise when he spots the famous and well-known face of his old pal Wilson on the (rather suspiciously new) ball. Obviously thrilled to see his old pal Wilson, Hanks brightens up and shows the volleyball’s face to the surrounding crowds, yelling out “let’s go Wilson.” The whole incident was captured on camera and uploaded to the Rangers’ official Instagram page.

According to KDrama Stars, the fact that the Castaway star was reunited with his old pal actually boosted the players’ energy level, as the Rangers went on to beat the Boston Bruins, 3-2.

TMZ was quick to note that Hanks was sitting with NBC’s Brian Williams at the game and they both appeared to be having a ball.

For a reminder of those touching scenes between Tom Hank’s character, Chuck Noland, and his old pal Wilson, a couple of clips are included below.

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[Featured image: Screengrab from TMZ video]