Tony Sparano is optimistic about Mark Sanchez

Last week, word got out that Tony Sparano, the now former head coach for the Miami Dolphins, had been picked up by the New York Jets as their new offensive coordinator — a role that carries with it the responsibility of coming up with a solution to that Mark Sanchez problem.

Sanchez has come under quite a bit of scrutiny as of late for his. less than ideal performance, to put it mildly. He even reportedly drew some ire from his teammates, who commented anonymously that he was “lazy and content because he knows he’s not going to be benched.”

Despite what everyone else seems to be saying about Sanchez, Sparano believes there’s still hope yet for the young quarterback to make a comeback. When asked in an interview by Sports Radio Interviews whether or not there’s an “upside” to Mark Sanchez, Sparano had this to say:

“I absolutely do. I can’t wait to get him back and get him going again. Right now all these guys need a little bit of rest, but when the time comes and the league allows us to be able to do that we are looking forward to getting him and getting him going. You are absolutely correct when you talk about looking at the numbers and looking at the three year numbers and those type of things I think when you put all the numbers together on the table you see an arrow up here for Mark. I really liked this kid coming out of the draft. I spent a lot of time with him and again I can just tell you what it is like on the other side of the line when you are playing against him and he causes you problems.”

Do you think Tony Sparano is capable of salvaging Mark Sanchez, or should the New York Jets be looking for a new quarterback in the off-season?

Source: Sports Radio Interviews