NJ State Police Officer's Daughter, Who Threatened To Kill Jews, Will Not Be Charged

A teenage girl who happens to be the daughter of a New Jersey state police officer will not be criminally charged for dressing up as Adolf Hitler and threatening to bomb popular Jewish neighborhoods.

The teen, who posted several pictures online of herself dressed up as Hitler, was unidentified due to her age.

She recently tweeted a picture of a location which is a popular place for Orthodox Jews to congregate and the caption read: "perfect bombing time."

Authorities have indicated that the teen, whose parent is a sergeant in the state police, may have behaved offensively, but not criminally.

An examination by the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office of the Twitter post and a cache of other pro-Hitler images by the teen and her associates concluded that it didn't amount to a credible threat. A spokesman for the office, Al Della Fave, was quoted by App.com as having said that there wasn't "any danger" and that it didn't amount "to anything criminal."

"There was never any danger being posed to the community [...] It didn't rise to anything criminal."
The spokesman added that the girl's connection to law enforcement afforded her no special treatment. The App.com report also indicates that he dismissed any suggestions that law enforcement would have taken a harsher view if those publishing the hateful content were of a background other than white.
"That would not be something that would be a determining factor [...] That has no bearing on the case. [...] Everything was evaluated at face value. We have been assured by the families and the school that this is something that will be handled."
One of the Jackson teens being investigated published a tweet on January 20, 2015, which read, "I really wanna drive around Lake and run over every Jew."

Agudath Israel, a Jewish advocacy organization, commented on the situation. The organization's director, Avi Schnall said that when dressing up like Hitler is just "another costume that teenagers dress up in" and "bombing a group of Jews becomes humorous," it's an indicator that "something is very wrong with our society," Opposing Views reported.

"We could comfort ourselves and say that these are just immature teenagers fooling around, but when Hitler becomes another costume that teenagers dress up in, and bombing a group of Jews becomes humorous, that tells us something is very wrong with our society"
The teen's father responded to media inquiries by stating: "You're talking about a minor. No interviews."

In other crime news, two Florida sheriff's deputies were arrested for a drive-by shooting from a Prius, Inquisitr reported late last month. Although both were taken into custody the night of the incident, reports indicate that neither deputy was actually booked that night. One of the officers later turned himself in and was released on a zero-dollar bail bond.

Are you surprised no charges were brought against the sergeant's teenage daughter?

[Image via NY Daily News]