Weatherman Gives Forecast In The Buff For Working Naked Day [Video]

A weatherman working for FOX D.C. stripped down for his weather forecast today in honor of “Working Naked Day.”

There is a holiday for just about everything under the sun, including “Working Naked Day.” According to the website Days of the Year, which tracks holidays throughout the year, “Working Naked Day” is a holiday dedicated to doing a day’s work without clothing. However, it is noted that the holiday is really a celebration of the joys of working from home. However, it appears FOX D.C. didn’t get the memo and weatherman Tucker Barnes agreed to take it all off for his weather forecast.

In the video, you can watch as Barnes begins his forecast with a long jacket that he seductively removes. He then gives his weather forecast with a precariously placed black box over the lower half of his body. The weatherman is wearing nothing on his top half but an odd fox tail tie. The stunt was designed to appear as though Barnes was giving his whole forecast in the buff; however, if you look closely you can see a little bit of Barnes shorts sticking out from the bottom of the box. It seems the cameraman also noticed the bit of shorts and motioned to Barnes to pull them up a bit. However, as the weatherman reaches down to adjust his shorts, the other reporters get a good laugh and ask, “What is he doing?”

Regardless of his shorts, it seems that Barnes was a good sport and the other news casters seemed to get a kick out of his unconventional forecast.

Did you know that “Working Naked Day” was a real holiday? If you work at home, did you partake in the holiday festivities?