February 6, 2015
Jack White Blacklists University Of Oklahoma After They Publish His Secret Guacamole Recipe In Newspaper

Jack White threw a fit when the University of Oklahoma campus newspaper, the Oklahoma Daily, posted his concert contract and tour rider, which included his secret guacamole recipe. William Morris Entertainment has blacklisted the university from any future concerts by Jack White or other artists under their label because "they don't want any other artists treated that way." The label says the publication gave "personal information" to the public, and they will not subject any more artists to that type of behavior.

According to Consequence of Sound, William Morris Entertainment is upset after the Oklahoma Daily posted Jack White's concert contract and tour rider that was provided to the university for a concert performed at McCasland Field House at the University of Oklahoma. The campus newspaper used the Freedom of Information Act to justify the publishing of White's contract, and says it was the newspaper's right to publish the information. However, Jack White was not pleased with their decision to print the "personal information." Therefore, he called out the campus publication while on stage at the University of Oklahoma concert.

Following the concert, WME says they will not send any artists under their label to the campus again unless the newspaper makes it policy "not to disseminate private information" of the artists performing at the university. Until then, Jack White and WME artists will not agree to any concerts. WME says the publication was "mocking" White, and "they don't want any other artists treated that way."

What information was Jack White trying to keep secret? The Oklahoma Daily notes that the main complaints revolved around the guacamole recipe and the concert's cost. That is correct, one of the main complaints against the printing of the original contract and reason why the university is being banned from future concerts has to do, at least partially, with the printing of a guacamole recipe in a campus newspaper. In addition to the upset over the guacamole recipe, White says the concert's cost of $80,000 should not have been disclosed.

Since the guacamole recipe caused such a stink, I have provided the secretive recipe below.

Jack White's Guacamole Recipe
Here it is folks, Jack White's famous guacamole recipe.

Who is going to give Jack White's guacamole recipe a try? Let us know if it tastes blacklist-worthy.