February 6, 2015
Police Holding 11-Year-Old Girl On Suspicion Of Infant's Death

Police are holding an 11-year-old girl in connection to an infant's death in Ohio. Fox News 8 reports that police in Wickliffe were called to an apartment around 4 a.m. Friday. A two-month-old girl was found in "distress" and taken to Lake West Hospital then to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. Police confirm that the baby died from severe internal injuries.

According to authorities, the infant's death is considered suspicious. The 11-year-old is being held at the Lake County Juvenile Detention Center while an investigation is underway.

Giving a closer a look into what occurred Friday in Wickliffe, Cleveland.com reports that the investigation is still in the early stages. Lt. Paul Hengst said in a statement that they aren't sure to what "extent" the 11-year-old girl's involvement played in the infant's death. Details surrounding the case are currently scarce, but Hengst made a brief statement in regards to the what investigators are trying to learn.

"The investigation is in its early stages, however, at this time we do believe this 11-year-old female played some role in this child's death. What exactly the extent of her role is, we're still trying to determine."
Police haven't released any information on what the 11-year-old girl's relationship is to the child. Wickliffe Police tell reporters that they'll reveal more about this case on Monday.

A separate report by 19 Action News, Wickliffe Police Chief Randy Ice states that the 11-year-old's mother was babysitting at the home and was the one who called 911. It's not mentioned in any of the reports that she's also suspected by police in the infant's death -- or where she was when her daughter was with the two-month-old.

In 2012, there was a similar case, which also involved an 11-year-old girl in connection to a three-month-old baby's death. BDN Maine reports that the girl was charged with reckless or criminally negligent manslaughter in the death of Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway. According to the report, the baby was suffocated and had bruises all over her. She had been alone with the girl, who was actually 10-years-old at the time of the incident.

The latest report on an 11-year-old girl linked to an infant's death in Ohio is a developing story. More will come out Monday when Wickliffe Police have something to go on and are ready to share the information publicly. Authorities strongly feel the girl had something to do with how the infant died.

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