February 6, 2015
McDonald's Customer Buys Big Mac, Finds Human Tooth, Sales Plunge

A customer in Japan bought a Big Mac meal, which includes french fries and a drink, and was shocked to discover a human tooth in their french fries.

McDonald's has suffered from a string of fast food scandals which have had a negative impact on sales. CBS News reported on October 21, 2014, that McDonald's (MCD) had indicated that their profit and sales declined as customer traffic fell around the world in light of the China food scandal, in which an undercover TV report showed one of its major supplies re-packaging meat which had already reached its expiration date.

McDonald's is the largest hamburger chain in the world. The company's CEO, Don Thompson, said at the time of the Chinese food scandal that performance had fallen short of the company's expectations "by all measures."

"By all measures our performance fell short of our expectations."
The customer in Japan discovered the tooth in their fries, which was the latest food safety scandal to impact the company this year. Japanese officials have apologized to the particular customer for the incident, which Daily Mail reports took place in August, 2014.
McDonald's senior executive Takehiko Aoki said that the company's goal was to eliminate such cases and that they were doing their "utmost to tackle them, one by one."
"To make such cases zero is our goal. We are doing our utmost to tackle them, one by one."
Inquisitr reported on Wednesday that Chipotle's CEO once inspected a McDonald's chicken farm and said it was "absolutely the most disgusting thing" he had ever seen.

According to the Daily Mail, McDonald's is "extremely popular in Japan," where there are more than 3,000 restaurants, but the series of recent scandals, which include customers discovering fillings and plastic in chicken nuggets, have left the company reporting their first annual operating loss in the country.

January sales fell by a record 39 percent. Losses over the course of 2014 totaled $57 million. The prior year saw a profit of roughly $96.5 million.

In other recent McDonald's news from Inquisitr, a woman in Wisconsin was asked by police to leave a McDonald's restaurant and to take her diaper-wearing "service" kangaroo with her.

In the case of the contaminated Chicken McNuggets containing pieces of plastic, the nuggets came from a plant in Thailand, where at least the blue plastic could have fallen in during the production process. However, the other type of plastic, which was transparent, was not used at McDonald's, according to officials.

What would you do if you found a tooth in your french fries?

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