February 6, 2015
Even Marvel Villain Loki Is No Match For Left Shark

Left shark may have taken the internet by storm after Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance, but now even Marvel villain Loki is finding himself to be little match for the dancing fish, thanks to a new fan-made video.

The short mashup comes from the mind of Iain Heath, according to CNET, who previously gained notoriety for a Lego Doom tribute video. Heath utilized the scene from the Avengers in which Loki is imprisoned by Nick Fury to create the video, which superimposes Left Shark in the midst of the action. The cage might have been built to hold the Hulk, but in Heath's clip, its occupant is Left Shark, who is still in the enclosure when Fury locks Loki in.

[Warning: Adult language]

The god of mischief and lies may be a Frost Giant raised in Asgard, but in Heath's video, he meets his match in Left Shark. As Fury taunts him and then walks away, the lights go dark, leaving only a spotlight to highlight the dancing shark. Loki, who is set to play a pivotal role in Marvel's upcoming films, according to the Huffington Post, screams as he is unable to handle Left Shark dancing to Perry's Teenage Dream.

Left Shark quickly became an inadvertent star of the Super Bowl following last weekend's halftime show. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the intervening week has seen a slew of artists recreating Left Shark, either as a figurine, a cookie cutter, or one of several tattoos that have been posted on social media. Lawyers representing Perry recently reached out to artist Fernando Sosa, who had created 3D printed sculptures of Left Shark, forcing him to cease and desist sales.

During a guest appearance hosting the Late Late Show, John Mayer interviewed Left Shark, as well as his compatriot, Right Shark. The pair were joined by a marine biologist named Carl, who articulated humorous facts about the sharks, which didn't speak. Addressing all of the attention foisted upon Left Shark, the biologist had a simple answer.

"Sharks swim in pairs. Naturally there's an alpha shark. Then the clumsy, dumber left shark flops around like a sidekick, but no less important."

Thanks to Heath's efforts, Marvel fans can be assured that not even Loki can stand up to the torment that is Left Shark.

[Image: YouTube via CNET]