February 6, 2015
Couple Announces Pregnancy With Baby-Naming 'Blank Space' Parody [Video]

There are a lot of parodies of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" out there, including this mash-up of "Blank Space" and "Style" that Taylor Swift is "obsessed" with. But the most adorable parody so far might go to Kimmy and Tandy Baker, who used Taylor's "Blank Space" song to announce their pregnancy to their friends and family.

According to Today, the Idaho couple used their own video production company to flesh-out a parody idea Kimmy had, using "Blank Space" to show the stress of naming a new baby. Kimmy and Tandy star in the video they shot themselves, but didn't do any of the vocals. You can see the full "Blank Space" parody at the top of the page.

The first verse of the song breaks the news that the Bakers are having their third kid sometime in September, but the second goes through a list of potential names for the new boy or girl. The song is fittingly titled "A Name."

"Got a long list of my favorites," the song goes, "You think that they're insane, 'cause we're having another baby, so let's pick a name."

The names Kimmy lists to the tune of "Blank Space" get progressively more absurd as the song goes on, starting with names like "Zane" and "Lexi" and ending with eccentric ones like "Storm" and "Bjorn." While it's clear the Bakers had fun parodying "Blank Space," the subject of the song wasn't a happy topic for the couple at first.

"I was really not happy about the pregnancy at first and making the video kind of helped pull me out of that funk," Kimmy admitted.

"It made it more real and more of a fun thing that we are having a third baby."
She confesses in the first verse that they never wanted to have three kids, but thanks to the fun of producing the video, the Bakers are more ready than ever to bring another child into the world.

Kimmy and Tandy Baker

Kimmy wrote the lyrics to the "Blank Space" parody herself, claiming that the words were the easiest and best part of the process.

"I was listening to 'Blank Space' while cleaning the house one day and when I heard 'name,' I knew that was the song we were going to use. So we just had to build it around naming the baby and — boom! — we have our announcement song... Good parody songs just seem to write themselves."
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