Whitney Houston's Will Reportedly Reveals Who Inherits Estate If Bobbi Kristina Does Not Recover

Whitney Houston's will reportedly has a "secret provision" that most would not have expected. Although a number of previous reports insisted that Bobbi Kristina's fiancé, Nick Gordon, may have had some involvement in her alleged drowning in an effort to inherit her estate, those reports have proven to be false.

Several other news outlets also reported that Bobbi Kristina's father, Bobby Brown, could possibly be an heir. However, Radar Online is reportedly confirming that neither Nick or Bobby will receive any proceeds if the only child of the late singer does not recover.

The clause in the will insists the estimated $20 million inheritance would go back to Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, and her two brothers. Cissy is reportedly already the executor of the estate. However, when Whitney passed, her sister-in-law Pat Houston was appointed as co-executor. According to documents obtained by Radar Online, the late singer's 1993 Last Will and Testament reportedly reads:

"If no child of mine survives me: I give all jewelry own at my death to my mother, Emily Cissy Houston, if she survives me; and I give the rest of my tangible personal property to those of my mother, Emily Cissy Houston, my father, John R. Houston, my husband, Robert Brown, my brother Michael Houston, and my brother Gary Houston, as survive me to be amicably divided among them as they might agree, in shares as nearly equal as possible."
The debatable terminology in the statement has left many questioning how Whitney's mother could be the next heir since Bobbi Kristina did "survive" her. According to New York Daily News, the clause in the will is based on all disbursements of the proceeds being paid out. Due to the terms of the will, Bobbi Kristina's inheritance would be disbursed in increments.

Bobbi Kristina reportedly received a 10 percent disbursement, totaling approximately $1.2 million, when she made 21 last year. So, she's set to receive another 25 percent at the age of 25, and the remainder at age 30. For now, the majority of the money has reportedly been placed in a trust. However, if she does not live until all funds are disbursed, the remainder goes back Whitney's mother, Cissy, by default.

While many have argued that Bobby should have a claim since he is her closest relative, Bobbi Kristina reportedly does not have a will. However, if she had legally married Nick Gordon without a prenuptial agreement, he would be the sole heir. But, since he did not, Whitney's will is still being enforced.