‘Beauty And The Beast’ Casting Ryan Gosling As Beast To Emma Watson’s Belle?

Beauty And The Beast is in the casting stages, and that means that everyone interested in seeing the live action film is wondering who will portray their favorite Disney characters. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) has been cast as Belle. Weeks have passed since that news broke, and now many find themselves wondering who else will make up the all-star cast.

According to Movie Pilot, Disney execs have offered the role of the beast to actor Ryan Gosling.

“The next step to Gosling world domination lies in opportunities to dabble in genres and projects even further out of his comfort zone and naturally, Disney provides the perfect platform. And in case you were wondering whether he can sing, he already proved in Blue Valentine that his voice is more than good enough to belt out classics such as ‘Something There’ when the time comes.”

Beauty And The Beast is set to start production sometime in late 2015. Until that time, there are plenty more characters that need identities, namely the beast (if Gosling doesn’t accept the rumored offer), Gaston, and Maurice (Belle’s dad). Some other key characters include Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip. The casting, of course, must be perfect (and likely will be, because Disney wouldn’t have it any other way).

While some people have thrown out other suggestions for the beast (Theo James, please!), social media seems pretty excited with the Ryan Gosling rumors.

If Ryan Gosling is starring in Beauty and The Beast — Sierra (@scanlansierra) February 6, 2015

Beauty And The Beast will be directed by Bill Condon who directed the final two Twilight films as well as Dreamgirls. According to The Telegraph, the movie is expected to be released in 2016.

Do you think Ryan Gosling is a good choice to play the beast? Who else would you suggest instead?

[Photo courtesy of Movie Pilot]