'Star Wars' And 'Star Trek' Face Off In Epic New Fan-Made Trailer

Dustin Wicksell

Star Wars and Star Trek fans have long debated which is the superior franchise, and now, with the release of a new fan-made trailer, they're able to catch a glimpse of what a battle between the forces of the Galactic Empire and the Federation might actually look like.

The video is the creation of YouTuber Alex Luthor, according to Hypable. Known for editing trailers to create mashups of iconic franchises like Star Wars vs. DC/Marvel and Avengers vs Terminator, he has now turned his efforts toward a face off between Star Wars and Star Trek. The results are nothing short of amazing, as beloved characters from both universes square off in an epic battle of galactic proportions.

Over the course of the four-minute-long trailer, which features the newest cast of Star Trek, the two franchises collide in a seemingly endless array of deep space battles and swordfights. As CNET points out, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine feature prominently in the trailer, along with a Sith warrior unknown to fans who haven't delved beyond the Star Wars feature films.

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The trailer doesn't declare a victor in the epic battle to rule the galaxy (though it is hard to imagine the Enterprise standing up to a direct hit from the Death Star), leaving fans to further debate whether Star Wars or Star Trek stands as the ultimate sci-fi franchise.

[Image via the Radio Times]