February 6, 2015
Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart Not Dating Despite Reports To The Contrary

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are not dating despite reports claiming otherwise. According to Gossip Cop, the two have been spotted together, yes, but they are not back together. Interestingly enough, other sites (like TMZ) have provided "proof" that the two are back on, but sources tell Gossip Cop that they are just friends, and that any sort of PDA spotted by the paparazzi is coincidental, and doesn't mean anything at all.

"The conspiracy theorists who are convinced the exes are really back in a relationship are going to believe what they want to believe, but time will prove Gossip Cop correct on this one. Smart and Lopez and friendly, but not dating again."

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart broke up last summer after dating for two and a half years. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the two decided that they wanted to focus on their respective careers, but wanted to remain friends. Though they were extremely close, and Casper developed a solid relationship with JLo's children, the romantic side of things ended for one reason or another.

"It has actually been an amicable process that started a few months ago. It wasn't an easy decision, but they decided to stay friends… Their relationship couldn't work with the distance. He started trying to establish his own life and career, and she is so focused on hers, and they just couldn't be all about each other anymore," said an insider at the time.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart seemed perfect together, which is likely why they have been able to salvage a friendship post-split. Toward the end of their relationship, however, rumors of a transsexual cheating scandal flooded the internet. At the time, Radar Online reported that JLo and Smart ended things before that news broke. To this day, there hasn't been any confirmation on that story. As far as the media is concerned, Smart cheated on Lopez with a transsexual, and the two broke up as a result. That doesn't seem to be the case though, as evidenced by Jennifer's continued close friendship with her ex.

In recent interviews, Lopez shared a sort of peace with herself, and she seems to be doing okay without a guy living in her shadow. She does say, however, that she still believes in that fairytale happily ever after. Whether or not she's actively looking is unknown.

Do you think Jennifer and Casper will end up getting back together?

[Photo courtesy of Jeff Vespa/VF12/WireImage via Us Weekly]