February 6, 2015
Obituary Blames Man's Death On 'Seahawks' Lousy Play Call'

From his obituary below, it is easy to see that Washington's Michael Sven Vedvik was a truly loved husband, father, brother, and friend. One can also tell that he led a rich, fulfilling life -- that is, until the Seattle Seahawks threw a game-ending interception to lose the Super Bowl.

Generally, when people first hear someone has died, or read an obituary, the first thing they want to know is how old the departed person was, followed by how the person died and/or what killed them. Of course, what people are really asking is, "Could that happen to me?" While an obituary does often include the deceased person's age, the cause of death is often not included, leaving the anxious and curious reader selfishly hanging.

But in the case of Michael Vedvik's obituary, all of that information is provided and more, the Seattle Seahawks' ill-fated Super Bowl play being cited by the obituary as a major contributing factor to Michael Vedvik's death, reports the Washington Post.

Michael Vedvik Obituary

While it's true that Michael Vedvik was a passionate Seattle Seahawks fan, and the New England interception that stole the Super Bowl from Seattle would have most assuredly left Vedvik quite displeased, the line in his obituary about his death being the fault of the Seahawks is actually based on some humor from his family.

According to the Spokesman Review, and Michael Vedvik's family, Mike did die of a heart attack only hours after his beloved Seahawks were stopped on the 1-yard line toward Super Bowl glory. But Michael Vedvik wasn't watching the Seahawk debacle when it happened, as outlined in his obituary. According to Vedvik's wife, Stephanie, Michael hadn't been feeling well, and recorded the game so he could watch it later.

"He hadn't been feeling well on and off, but he wouldn't go to the doctor," said Ms. Vedvik.

"He thought it was indigestion or stress."
Michael Vedvik's sister wrote the obituary, and his brother-in-law threw in the line about the Seahawks, according to Stephanie.

Not only did Ms. Vedvik approve of Michael's obituary blaming the Seahawks' "lousy play call" for his death, she thought it was hilarious and that Michael would have too.

"My husband would have thought it was hysterical," said Ms. Vedvik.

"If I had read this obituary to my husband about somebody else, he would have had a laugh."
Stephanie Vedvik found 53-year-old Michael unresponsive around 7 a.m. Monday in their Kent, Washington home. Medical authorities believe Mr. Vedvik died at about 4 a.m., according to Stephanie.

The obituary statement including Seattle was just so true, and fit Michael well, concluded Stephanie. "My husband would have said (to whoever made the Seahawks' play call), 'What a dumba**.'"

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