February 6, 2015
Robert Michael Phillips: Florida Man Lists His Occupation As 'Drug Dealer' In Arrest Report

It is okay for someone to be proud of their job. So what if you happen to be a drug dealer? That seems to be exactly the thing going through the mind of Robert Michael Phillips, a man from West Palm Beach, Florida, who was recently arrested by authorities from the West Palm Beach Sheriff's office. In the arrest report that he filled out following his arrest, Robert has rather proudly listed himself as a "drug dealer" in the column where normal people are supposed to enter details about their occupation.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Robert was arrested on Tuesday after authorities caught him engaged in a drug transaction with another individual. After his arrest, officials realized that Robert Michael Phillips has been arrested over a dozen times for various drug-related crimes and has served nearly nine months in prison from April 2011 to January 2012. He has also been convicted on several felony counts, the publication confirmed.

According to the Washington Times, Robert was arrested after he obstructed the unmarked car of a Palm Beach County Sheriff's detective and nearly caused an accident. His wayward driving evoked suspicion and a check of the registration number of the Hyundai car he was in revealed that it was listed as stolen. The detective decided to follow Robert in order to check on his activities and witnessed a hand-to-hand transaction taking place between him and an unidentified individual.

After it was confirmed that Robert was indeed involved in dealing drugs, two deputies in marked cars approached Phillips -- who had in the meantime returned to his car. Upon seeing the approaching deputies, Philips fled the scene and a chase ensued. Eventually, Robert ended up inside a parking lot right outside an art and hobby store. Then, abandoning the stolen Hyundai, he dashed into the store, where he bumped into a female customer and dropped his loaded handgun onto the floor. He got up and continued on and attempted to escape through the back door.

However, another group of deputies were waiting for him on the other side. Officers eventually used a police dog to apprehend Robert Michael Phillips. After a thorough search, he was found to be in possession of 22 grams of heroin and $2,316 in cash. A further search of his stolen car revealed 5.3 grams of crack cocaine, a drug scale, and several hypodermic needles.

With the case registered against him, Robert Michael Phillips now faces three counts of resisting arrest with violence, two counts of possession of drug equipment, and one count each of heroin trafficking, possession of a weapon or ammunition by a career criminal, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, committing a first-degree felony with a weapon, fleeing and eluding law enforcement at a high rate of speed, striking a police animal, battery, and driving with a suspended license.

Robert Michael Phillips is now being held at the Palm Beach County jail in lieu of a $242,000 bail. Do you think Robert is as proud as the drug dealer who posted a selfie next to a police car?

[Image Via Palm Beach Post]