February 6, 2015
'How To Get Away With Murder' Spoilers: Accusations Fly In 'She's A Murderer'

Everyone who knows the truth about what happened to Sam was in for a surprise at the end of the latest How to Get Away with Murder episode, when a news bulletin revealed that Sam's body had been found. To make things even more complicated, his sister, Hannah, is in town and was already suspicious of what she was being told.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Marcia Gay Harden has joined the show as Hannah, a character who is said to shake up things, and so far, she has done just that on How to Get Away with Murder. She's adamant that Sam's not a murderer, and as the Huffington Post pointed out in the recap of the latest episode, Annalise's behavior didn't help her case as Hannah looked for answers.

However, with Frank's help, she did manage to plant a breadcrumb that Sam's still alive with a fake sighting of him in New York. Annalise then admits to Hannah that she knew about Sam and Lila before she told the police she did and helped him hide it. Hannah even admitted that she hoped Annalise was lying to the world and helping Sam hide, but then the report came in about his body being found.

If you watch the promo below for the next HTGAWM episode, "She's a Murderer," it looks like Hannah is ready to point fingers Annalise's way. The police show up at Annalise's door, and Hannah has an accusation to make.

"She's a murderer! She killed my brother!"

Hannah wants the house searched for a clue, and it looks like the police find something they missed while cleaning up and disposing of Sam's body. Could Annalise be arrested? Could she take responsibility to protect the others since she said she would protect them? Will Bonnie find out the truth?

As Harden told Entertainment Weekly, Hannah thinks she knows how her brother ended up dead.

"She becomes wildly suspicious once he turns up dead. It's obvious why she would become wildly suspicious. At that point, it feels like her attention is focused on Annalise and she goes for the jugular."

In another interview with Variety, Harden teased that Hannah's motives will change as she finds out more.

"In some way. I think what she discovers makes Hannah more reckless, and I think that when you're dealing with accusations and information on this level, you do not want to be reckless. I do think it changed her."

If you want a further look at the next How to Get Away with Murder episode, ABC has posted a sneak peek. Connor is suspicious about Sam's body being found and thinks the police were told where to look.

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]