'The Blacklist' Spoilers: Red Is In The Crosshairs In 'Ruslan Denisov'

Fans were left processing a lot of revelations after Thursday night's The Blacklist. The Director, Red and Luxther Braxton were all trying to get their hands on the Fulcrum, but they didn't get their wish. Liz Keen was startled by some memories of her childhood, as were viewers. What Blacklist spoilers are available for the next episode airing on February 12?

The Season 2, Episode 11 show is titled "Ruslan Denisov." On the surface, it looks like viewers will be thrown into an entirely new case while all that transpired in "Luther Braxton Conclusion" percolates for a bit. However, there are hints that it will all tie together, at least to a point.

The Blacklist spoiler synopsis shared via TiVo indicates that the task force will be working to save an undercover CIA agent who has been kidnapped. The agent was taken by Uzbekistanian separatists and it seems a man named Ruslan Denisov is behind the kidnapping.

As is so often the case, Denisov has ties to Raymond Reddington. The two are past associates, and Red will worry that this bad guy is too dangerous for Liz to tangle with. From the looks of things, the CIA will be looking not only for their kidnapped agent, but they will continue to hunt Red as well.

The Director still thinks that Red has the Fulcrum and it looks like he might be willing to take Reddington out if he can get his team close enough in the midst of this case. It would also appear that the Director may be wiling to take out more than just Reddington to get the job done.

Of course what most Blacklist fans want right now is answers. Is Liz really named Masha? Was that indeed the Fulcrum she found hidden in the stuffed bunny? Just what is the truth about who was at the house the night of the fire? As Dr. Orchard said, it appears that someone may have already worked on Liz's memories, and what she thinks she remembers about who did what may not be accurate.

There has been plenty of talk about just who Red is and why he's so determined to stay connected to Liz. Some have thought he's her father, while others think that possibility has been proven wrong. Could he be an uncle, an associate of her father's or just a bad guy after information he knows she has? After all of the twists, turns and hints could he be her father after all? Fans have their theories and naturally those behind the show are intent on teasing viewers for as long as they can on this one.

At this point it's not clear how Ruslan Denisov ties in to the Fulcrum, Liz's memories and Red's agenda, but viewers will learn more during the February 12 show. As Zap2It teased, Blacklist spoilers indicate that viewers haven't seen the last of Tom Keen. He will be back, though it's not known just when, and his relationship with Red will be a major component of what lies ahead before Season 2 wraps.

Where is it all headed? How many answers will viewers get before Season 2 ends? The Blacklist has just been officially renewed for Season 3 and fans can't wait to see what comes next.

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