'Jesus Vs. Muhammad': Controversial, Satirical Qur'an Challenge Video Resurfaces, Goes Viral [Video]

A controversial YouTube video, titled "Jesus Vs Muhammad (Qur'an Challenge II)," has resurfaced in the wake of the recent Charlie Hebdo massacre. The video, which was initially uploaded in 2013, attracted approximately 150,000 viewers over the first couple months. But, since the devastating massacre occurred last month, the video has garnered another 700,000 views. Although the controversial debate is not a new topic of discussion, the argument presented in the video has angered an overwhelming number of liberals and Muslims.

The discussion, led by internet reporter Steven Crowder, compares the acts of Christians to those of Muslims in an effort to decide which religion is more "peaceful." Since both religions are seemingly based on the examples of leaders, Crowder opted to break down the differences between Jesus and Muhammad. The video begins with a comparison between personal relationships.

Crowder stated that Jesus, the founder of Christianity, was never married while Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, had numerous wives and concubines over the course of his life. However, his "favorite" was reportedly Aisha, a 6-year-old girl he married. Crowder also cited that the marriage was consummated when the girl was only 9. He goes on to cite a number of the vast differences between Jesus and Muhammad in the five-minute video. He also touched on the distinct differences between the two religions, where the treatment women is concerned.

"Jesus, a servant, never fought in battle, never killed a guy! Not only did Muhammad do so, but he actually felt that it was his divine calling to KILL non-Muslims and MURDER people who insulted him!"

The teachings of Jesus in comparison to those of Muhammad also led Crowder to question the Muslim definition of "peace." Jesus taught mercy, forgiveness, love for enemies, and to teach religion with gentleness and respect, while the Qur'an teaches "punishment over compassion, and "kill, convert, or subjugate Christians and Jews."

Needless to say, the video has sparked outrage. Since Muslims strongly oppose free speech, the satirical "Muhammad" dramatizations, analysis of Muslim beliefs, and claims of hypocrisy have definitely caused quite a stir. As a matter of fact, Crowder has revealed that he's received thousands of death threats over the past month for the seemingly offensive nature of the video. Although most Muslims proclaim that Islam is a religion of people, many feel Crowder's arguments insinuate otherwise. So, of course, he's received an overwhelmingly negative response to his debatable opinion.

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[Image via YouTube]