February 6, 2015
MacBook Air To Be Revealed Late February

It's been rumored that Apple's MacBook Air will become the primary of focus at the Worldwide Developers' Conference in June. However, some reports are speculating that its release could come sooner than later. Ever since the MacBook Air with Retina skipped its predicted releases last year, the rollout date of the laptop has been a guessing game for both consumers and tech enthusiasts.

According to PC Advisor, the MacBook Air with Retina display will be available the same day that it is released. That date is rumored to be the end of the February. However, if an unprecedented problem causes a delay in the supply of the Retina display or the Intel's latest generation chipset, the laptop could be shipped as late as June or July.

French website iGen announced the Apple is hosting an event on February 24. The tech giant is planning to unveil its latest MacBook Air, which is a thin and portable 12-inch notebook that comes with massive upgrades and improvements compared to its older versions. The 12-inch laptop will be an upgrade from the 11-inch Air. The 13-inch version will still remain a prominent feature of Apple's notebook lineup.

Apple's smaller sized Air notebooks are aimed towards budget-conscious consumers. This will be the likely case for the 2015 MacBook Air, according to Load the Game. Specific specs or price points have not been revealed as of yet. Apple has confirmed that the MacBook Air will come out in Q1 in 2015, which means it will launch in early spring, as reported. The February event also matches information revealed by several sources.

The MacBook Air is reported to come with Intel's latest Broadwell chips, which are built for efficiency. Combined with its new and updated 12-inch Retina Display, consumers will see an improved battery life on the upcoming MacBook Air from Apple. The notebook could also feature a smaller and reversible USB 3.0 port, according to Apple Insider.

Apple has already teased its MacBook Air with Retina display, according to a recent report on the Inquisitr. The manufacturer also plans to release a 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. All of these devices will come with the new Broadwell chipset. Photos of the rumored MacBook Air already leaked onto the internet. Apple plans to ship the 12-inch MacBook Air in March if all goes well. The company is also planning to release the Apple iWatch around the same time.

[Image: Apple]