Ruzan Badalyan: Meet The Woman Who Left Her Husband Over Baby With Down Syndrome

Ruzan Badalyan was once a proud mother-to-be.

This is clear from her Instagram account, which featured Badalyan posing with her arms cradling her belly.

The account still identifies her as Ruzan Balalyan Forrest, providing confirmation that she is indeed the woman who became infamous overnight for divorcing her husband, Samuel Forrest, over their infant son.

The baby’s couple was born with Down Syndrome. In her native Armenia, this condition is considered so shameful that parents routinely abandon the children who are born with this condition.

Sam Forrest, who moved to Armenia from New Zealand, admitted that he wasn’t aware of Armenian society’s views on “imperfect children” until his son Leo was a target of bigotry.

“What happens when a baby like this is born here, they will tell you that you don’t have to keep them. My wife [Ruzan Badalyan] had already decided, so all of this was done behind my back.”

Badalyan told her husband that if she didn’t agree to put up Leo for adoption, she was going to divorce him. Forrest chose to keep the baby.

A week later, Ruzan filed for divorce.

Although Badalyan no doubt had the support of her family in this decision, she is learning quite rapidly that the rest of the world does not share her “shame” over the infant son she quickly abandoned.

Instead, it is Ruzan Badalyan herself who is being treated as a source of shame and outright scorn.

People have started leaving harsh comments about Badalyan on her social media accounts. On the same Instagram account where she indirectly referred to the impending birth of her son as “a miracle,” one commenter left a cutting remark.

“Pretty sad that you say #beauty #miracle then abandon that beautiful miracle. I honestly hope you can never have another child [because] you certainly [don’t] deserve one!”

Badalyan had little to say about the matter when ABC News first reached out to her. Ruzan admitted that she left her husband and admitted to having a child with Down Syndrome. She would admit to nothing else.

It could be in the coming days that Ruzan Badalyan is forced to say more on the matter as the story continues to go viral. Her former husband, Samuel Forrest, has been left alone to raise their child admitting it would be easier if Leo “still had his Mommy.”

The single father put up GoFundMe page with the intention of raising some extra cash to help him with the costs of caring for his son while he looks for additional work to support their household. Thanks to the viral nature of the story, the “Bring Leo Home” fundraiser has earned nearly $300,000, up from $190,000 nearly four hours ago.

Samuel Forrest has commented his thanks for the support from around the world shown to him and his young son.

Thanks everyone – we are stunned beyond words at the incredible support & love you’ve shown…

— Samuel Forrest (@Samuel_For) February 6, 2015

It’s clear that with or without Ruzan Badalyan, this baby will be brought up surrounded by love and support.

What do you think of Ruzan Badalyan and her decision to walk away from her infant son and husband?

[Image Credit: Samuel Forrest]