February 6, 2015
Need Some Skin Care Help? Try Maine Marine Life

Our skin can really take a beating, especially in the winter when we need to amp up our skin care routine to counteract the harsh conditions. But now an entrepreneur from Maine is launching a new skin care line that could really make a difference for your skin.

Abigail Carroll understands what cold winters and harsh conditions can do to your skin -- after all, she is an oyster farmer in Portland, Maine. The 45-year-old entrepreneur first taught herself to farm oysters before launching her company, Nonesuch Oysters. Carroll has spent the last five years planting and harvesting oysters in the Scarborough River, and it's really done a number on her skin.

Carroll spoke with Bangor Daily News, explaining, "I wanted to work hard like a lobsterman but not look like one."

It was this desire that led her to next business venture: developing a skin care line that could address some of your biggest skin issues naturally and organically.

Where did she find inspiration on what to include in her skin care line? From the water, of course.

Carroll "uses Maine marine life, natural oils, and sea salt in her formulas." Excuse me, but Maine marine life?

Yes, Carroll has found that using sea vegetables provided by local Maine company, VitaminSea Seaweed, "proved fruitful."

"There are no chemical agents. The algae has all sorts of healing properties, vitamins and minerals," explains Carroll about her skin care line.

Carroll's skin care line currently includes three products: "a seaweed hand salve, a hydrating body oil fortified by Maine algae and a Maine sea salt scrub." She claims that they have "helped her regain her glow" after her skin takes a beating at her other job.

While specific details aren't available on how the products are made, Carroll shared her excitement for future endeavors, saying, "As [the company] evolves, we will communicate how the ingredients are harvested, we will use other marine extracts with other benefits and I hope that the skin care products will be another way to express this very unique Maine coast experience."

So how do users feel about Carroll's skin care product line, aptly named Nonesuch Skincare after the oyster business that inspired her? The products are apparently "flying off the shelf" and have customers on Facebook saying, "Love the scrub!"

Boutique owner Holly Stone, who sells Carroll's skin care line in her Portland store, said, "We are thrilled with it. And customers are coming back and buying multiples. We love it."

She added, "We are anxious for more."

If you're dealing with your own skin care issues and want to try Carroll's Maine marine life made products, check out Nonesuch Skincare.

[Photo Courtesy of Holly Stone Store]